Narayan Memorial Hospital completes two years of successful operation

Kolkata : Success has come overnight to the toddlers and the latest entrant in-hospital care - Nararayan Memorial Hospital. It all started two years back on this day, when with a shy of relief the Behalites felt much relieved that they now have a hospital in there vicinity with a state of the art facilities to heal the patients at the time of emergency. The locality lacked presence of any significant hospital and the localites had to run to other hospitals in the wee hours of the night or during emergency.

For two consecutive years , NMH has earned the love of it's neighborhood with diligent services by the hospital staffs and an ensemble of doctors who have worked relentlessly during the pandemic and otherwise.

The celebrations kick started with eminent screen sleuth, Abir Chatterjee inagurating a branded police kiosk, marking the launch of ‘ Narayan More ‘ - a landmark place now pat Behala Manton. Speaking on the occasion Abir Chattopadhyay said ‘’ It's apt that the place is rechristened as Narayan more which is in close proximity to the newest but efficient hospital Narayan Memoral Hospital. I have visited the hospital as visitor and also as a patient and the most striking aspect of the hospital is the warmth of the people and the calmness with which they service their patients without much hue and cry. ‘’ He further added ‘’ the cost parameters are also moderate and the lower and lower middle class people can easily come to get it's services.’’

Speaking on the occasion Suparna Sengupta, CEO said ‘’ We’re relatively new as a hospital but the way our staffs have delivered is commendable. Covid was never a mission to start with a smile. I am happy that we could deliver to best of our abilities and do justice to our patients by healing them the fastest way we could. We have witnessed some landmark cases and we could successfully deliver with divine intervention and our doctors by saving many lives. It's in a way apt that the place now gets renamed as Narayan more, which houses a landmark hospital - NMH. I am really proud and honoured being part of a successful team.”

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