Motherland launches thought provoking T-shirts

Kolkata: Motherland - a pop culture, subculture and counterculture platform – features urban necessities, lifestyle accessories and emerging artists.  It is a place where you’ll find extraordinary versions of everyday things – original designs, exclusive collaborations and specially selected products that will help you look good, feel good, and fly the flag in style.

Motherland is constantly working with like-minded makers to develop products that are stylish, efficient, and affordable in equal measure. Our product philosophy consists of significant redesign, some re-engineering, and the occasional reinvention: a process we call ‘retail remix’.

The latest collections include unisex clothing, super snacks, everyday objects and lifestyle supplies. If you’re looking for a mix of good design and cultural relevance browse no further.

Listed below are the signature launches from Motherland –

Goa Forever T-shirt - Goa Forever and ever and ever. Goa isn’t a spot, it’s a sense. A nod to the thrilling life and instances of Goa is Motherland’s newest drop – Goa Forever T. Reminiscent of the ’90s, this unisex tee options neon colors and daring, graphic components. Available in XS – XXL, 100% cotton on superstore.

Chandrayaan (mother-landing on the moon) – Chandrayaan is a landmark mission for the Indian space agency and a symbol of national pride. Motherland’s latest launch is a tribute to the mighty CHANDRAYAAN. It is a limited -edition t-shirt, crafted with 100% Motherland DNA, this unisex T-Shirt is made of 100% cotton.

Bharat – India Men’s Polo T-shirt – This limited-edition polo is a tribute to mighty India and encourage the youth to fly the flag in style. Crafted with 100% Motherland DNA, this unisex T-Shirt features intricate embroidery on navy blue – the classic Motherland Bharat – India design on the front and a tri-color on the back.

6 Kumaon T- shirt- This T-shirt commemorates an epic moment in our collective history when a gallant, unyielding unit was all that stood between India and a tidal wave of hostility. This was the Battle of Walong, November 1962. Under-equipped and overwhelmed, the soldiers of 6 Kumaon fought like lions for their young nation – and left us a legacy of valour that we will never forget.This design mixes traditional regimental iconography with new elements drawn from the history of 6 Kumaon. The Russell’s Lion insignia and the 'Jangi Sixth' nick-name has been reframed within a red diamond inspired by their distinctive cap badge. The 1962 shoulder flash marks the time and place of the battle, and the arrow (a commonly used element in formation signs) is a nod to high altitude warfare and the Regiment's Himalayan roots.

RIP Patriarchy t-shirt - Motherland says goodbye to the patriarchy with its newest Tee - RIP Patriarchy. A unisex style, this Tee's detailed design packs a punch. 

Motherland is one of the few brands that speak to the different ideas of what it means to be an Indian today.It talks about our culture, sub-culture and counter-culture. Their designs allow for young Indians to express what they stand for and represent. Be it Being a Liberal, a Patriot, someone done with Patriarchy or even Colourism - the brand identifies it takes all kinds to be India.

There is a strong sense of awakening among India's youth like the rest of the world. Armed with social platforms to give them a platform to voice - they are standing for things that matter - to "US" as people. Motherland is a brand that has its pulse on what the youth thinks. Available exclusively on  Price Range – INR 900-1900. 

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