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Sunday, August 2, 2020


Shri S.P. Singh (Sheelendra Pratap Singh) has taken the charge as the new Divisional Railway Manager of Sealdah Division, Eastern Railway (ER) on Tuesday (July 28, 2020).




Shri Singh, an M.Tech from IIT, Delhi, belongs to the 1989 batch of Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers. He started his career in Railways as the Asst Mechanical Engineer in the N.F. Railway and worked in various capacities such as Principal of Technical Training Centre at DLW, Varansai, Chief Workshop Manager of Railway Workshop at Mancheswar in the East Coast Railway, ADRM of Agra Division in the N.C. Railway, Chief Rolling Stock Engineer in the East Coast Railway and the like and thus acquired a versatile professional experience. Shri Singh also joined extensive training programmes both within the country and abroad like Germany, Singapore, Malaysia to obtain further professional and managerial expertise. After taking the charge, Shri Singh, the new DRM of Sealdah, started working to further enhance the safety & punctuality and upgradation of the passenger amenities vis-a-vis the all round development of the division.

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