Railway Protection Force (RPF) of South Eastern Railway (SER) has played a major role during the lockdowns in the wake of COVID-19 in guarding the railway property as well as vital installations. Despite shouldering the responsibility of the security of the railways, SER’s RPF personnel provided free meals to the poor and needy people in the vicinity of this railway’s Headquarters and the four Divisions namely, Kharagpur, Adra, Chakradharpur and Ranchi along with the other units.


The global pandemic has created unprecedented situations and the worst hit is the poor and the destitute people. SER’s security personnel distributed 1,02,856 free cooked meals to the destitute, residing adjacent  to the railway areas. Those who are provided free meals belong to mainly daily wage earners, coolies, beggars, homeless people, rickshaw-pullers and the like. Out of 1,02,856 cooked meals,  RPF personnel of SER Headquarters, Garden Reach distributed 1,506 meals, while security personnel of Kharagpur Division provided 10,795 meals, security constables of Adra Division provided 45,733 meals,  RPF of Chakradharpur gave 27,302 meals and RPF personnel of Ranchi Division distributed 17,520 meals. 

The security personnel of SER are working tirelessly since the imposition of the nation-wide lockdowns to provide free meals to such people. They provided cooked meals with paper plates and drinking water. Food distribution was also done beyond the railway vicinity to cater to the food requirements of the needy people in the hospitals and slum areas. In order to help as many people as possible, they made efforts to feed cooked meals even from their own sources.

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