Wellness starts from the heart of the home

Kolkata : The world is a different place now from what it was two years back, isn’t it? While our homes have been an important part of our everyday lives, ‘kitchen’ is now the very heart of it. The kitchen evolved to become our daily fuelling station which aided us to keep our engines running and also offered enough excitement to offset the monotony of not being able to step out and eat. The physical changes which have happened in this space are obvious, precipitated by advances in technology, design aesthetics and lifestyle. Until COVID-19 happened to our simple yet fast paced world and took us back to re-evaluate the basics of our ecosystem. Healthy food, nutritious intake, smarter kitchen tools and equipment and other elements which could make cooking and eating an informed lifestyle choice and simply not a casual task. In between the zooms calls and multiple responsibilities being shouldered by each one in the family, the heart of the home aka kitchen assumed a bigger, and a more critical role.


To save time and effort, consumers invested in smarter storage solutions along with intelligent cooking ware to make cooking and eating at home a more joyous task. Today, it has become an integral part of our lives – wellness which starts inside the heart of our homes, to help us cook, eat and feel better.

Here are some easy to follow tips that starts right from the heart of the home – “your Kitchen” which will make you realize how simple building a wellness routine actually is -


Catch up with Healthy Eating – While majority of the people are working from their homes where they are just within an eyeshot or arm’s reach of their snack drawers, it is important to adopt healthy eating habits. Opting for a nutritious, balanced-diets keeps your body energized and your immune system running at its best. Cooking a variety of healthy foods along with consuming less salt, sugars and industrially-produced packaged food products is essential while shifting to that diet. Re-organise your kitchen shelf with see through-containers for items like seeds, and nuts to make sure they draw your attention before the packet of chips. 


Work in visual cues that translate to your food plate – Fresh fruits and veggies are a must no matter what diet style you opt for. Research proves that visual cues in the kitchen help translate to the composition of your food plate. For example, if you are leaning towards a Rainbow Diet fill your kitchen with colours from the rainbow. A colourful knife set like the Richardson Sheffield Love Colour Original Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife Set at thinKitchen or any colourful serveware & cookware. The visual appeal also entices your food palate by building mental pictures of the food you are about to eat, and triggers secretion of essential digestive juices which helps you digest better.


Portion control – Assessing the right amount to eat is always the part that challenges us the most on our wellness journeys. The key to a balanced meal is higher intake of nutrients and reduced quantity. Kitchen tools like measuring scales and cups can make this process easier for us. You can make use of products like the Nest Measures Measuring cups from Joseph Joseph available at thinKitchen to this end. They are easy to use and a super attractive additions to your cutlery drawers.


Meal prep smart - Meal planning and prepping are wonderful skills to have in your personal health and wellness journey. A well-thought-out meal plan can help you improve your diet quality or reach a specific health goal while saving you time and money. Especially after a hard and long day at work, we tend to order takeaways or eat out, meal prepping helps you avoid unnecessary calories and keeps you accountable on your journey. Storage space can be a nightmare for most people when it comes to meal prepping but these food containers from Joseph Joseph at thinKitchen make sure to not take up a lot of space in your cabinet.  So Plug in some music in the kitchen and drive your blues away just as you chop your veggies and fruits for the day ahead.


Stay Hydrated - Drinking water thought out the day is crucial to regulate body temperature, prevent infections, and deliver nutrients to cells. Staying well-hydrated helps improves sleep quality, and overall mood as well. It is essential to consume 4-5 litres of water every day whether at home or travelling. Make the process of staying hydrated fun with a cool bottle like the one offered by Zoku, at thinKitchen. This 3 in 1 Stainless Steel Tumbler can also be used to keep your tea/coffee/green juice going longer by maintaining the optimal temperature.


Practicing self-care is more essential than ever amidst the new normal that we are trying to adapt. On most days, we end up feeling dull, exhausted and demotivated, which interferes with our work and takes a toll on our daily life. It is time to prioritize, make ourselves Numero Uno and start focusing on wellness of body and mind by heading to our kitchens!  

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