Kolkata: Prepare to have your heart stolen, not just by your sweetheart, but by Lay's’ latest creation: Shapez Heartiez. Diversifying its portfolio, Lay's, one of the leading potato chips brands in India, is thrilled to unveil Lay’s Shapez Heartiez, with the brand’s first 3D heart-shaped potato-based pellet. This introduction also marks the debut of Lay's Shapez, a sub-brand dedicated to pushing the boundaries of snacking with playful shapes, textures, and flavours.


Lay’s Shapez Heartiez has been launched in direct response to the growing need for fun, and crunchy snacks that go beyond traditional offerings in the rapidly expanding potato-based pellet chips market. This intuitive innovation is quintessentially Lay's, a brand known for its dedication to quality and quest for providing the perfect crunch. With Shapez Heartiez, Lay's proudly reiterates its position as a love mark brand, consistently introducing fresh and thrilling experiences for consumers.


Adding a sweet twist to the snacking experience, Lay’s Shapez Heartiez is available in Caramel flavour, first-ever sweet flavour chip by Lay’s, alongside the familiar savoury comfort of Masala flavour. This diverse lineup ensures there's a Heartiez for every heart (and taste bud)!


Radiating excitement on the campaign's launch, Saumya Rathor, Category Lead – Potato Chips, PepsiCo India, said, “Lay's Shapez Heartiez is a delicious embodiment of our continuous drive at Lay's to inject creativity, fun, and flavour into the snacking experience. From the unique heart-shaped pellets themselves to the vibrant and distinctive packaging, every element invites consumers to embark on a delightful journey. This launch isn't just about a new product; it's a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation and portfolio expansion. By diversifying our offerings with exciting concepts like Shapez Heartiez, we ensure that Lay's remains at the forefront of redefining the snacking experience for our valued consumers."

Available at affordable prices of INR 5, 10, and 20, Lay’s Shapez Heartiez is easily available across all retail and e-commerce platforms.

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