Over 400 Students from Jadavpur University Registered as Stem Cell Donors with DKMS-BMST

Kolkata: In a display of incredible community spirit, 420 students of Jadavpur University pledged their support to give a second chance at life to patients fighting blood cancer and blood disorders like thalassemia and aplastic anemia. These students registered as potential stem cell donors at the drive conducted by DKMS-BMST Foundation India.

DKMS-BMST Foundation India, a leading NGO in the fight against blood cancer, teamed up with Jadavpur University for a stem cell donor registration drive during the educational institution’s annual techno-management festival, ‘FETSU presents Srijan’. The drive aimed to raise awareness about blood cancer and stem cell transplants and encourage the youth to come forward for the cause.

As Srijan24’s official social initiative partner, DKMS-BMST took the opportunity to engage the student community in a vital mission to save lives through stem cell donor registration.


Patrick Paul, CEO, DKMS-BMST Foundation India, emphasized the critical shortage of blood stem cell donors in the country, "The future of blood stem cell donation is bright with committed donors. With young people stepping up, we can turn the tide for blood cancer patients waiting for their match. The availability of matching blood stem cell donors remains a significant challenge for Indian patients in need of life-saving transplants. India has the youngest population, so it is crucial to encourage more young individuals to register as stem cell donors. Their continued participation in the registry significantly improves the chances of locating matching donors for patients requiring assistance."

In India, where over 70,000 individuals succumb to blood cancer annually. A blood stem cell transplant from an HLA-matching donor is a crucial lifeline. Only 25-30% of patients secure matching donors within their family, leaving 70% to rely on unrelated donors accessible through stem cell registries. Ethnic matching significantly boosts Indian patients' chances of finding a matching donor. Every five minutes, a new case of blood cancer is diagnosed in India, posing a challenge due to the limited availability of matching donors. Despite over 41 million global donors, India contributes just 0.6 million, emphasizing the need to motivate young individuals to register.

From March 22- 24, the campus of Jadavpur University played host to FETSU presents Srijan’24, a three-day techno-management festival. Various business and management activities, coding challenges, gaming extravaganzas, brainstorming sessions, and other miscellaneous events boosted the festival’s footfall with over 10,000 visitors and participants. The event's diverse array of activities attracted students from various disciplines, fostering an environment of innovation, collaboration, and social responsibility.

Membership Chair Team Xlr8, FETSU presents Srijan, Abhranuj Podder said, “FETSU presents Srijan is an annual technical and management fest organised by the students of Jadavpur University. For this edition of Srijan, Team Xlr8 has had the opportunity to collaborate with DKMS-BMST Foundation India, and we are thankful for their support to our event. Their work facilitating stem cell donations for thousands of patients is an extraordinary feat in itself. Getting an opportunity to raise awareness for such a noble cause and giving back to society has been a blessing to the students of Jadavpur University. We wholeheartedly support DKMS-BMST in its endeavour and wish to do our part by volunteering for the NGOand spreading the message.”

“Our sincere thanks to Jadavpur University and its students for their vital role in organising this registration drive. DKMS-BMST is dedicated to conducting similar awareness and registration campaigns across educational institutions nationwide, with a special emphasis on the youth. Their continued participation in the registry significantly improves the chances of locating matching donors for patients requiring assistance,’’ added Patrick Paul.

To register as a potential stem cell donor, you must be a healthy Indian adult between 18 and 55. When you are ready to register, all you need to do is complete a consent form and swab the inside of your cheeks to collect your tissue cells. Your tissue sample is then sent to the lab to be analyzed for your HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) and listed anonymously on the international search platform for matching stem cell donors.

Today, thousands of Indian patients are waiting for their matching stem cell donor to undergo a lifesaving stem cell transplantation. Their situation can only be changed by recruiting many potential blood stem cell donors from India. If you’re eligible, take the first step to register as a blood stem cell donor by ordering your home swab kit at www.dkms-bmst.org/register.

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