HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata Organizes 'Cross Out Tobacco' Walkathon to Promote Tobacco-Free Living


Kolkata : On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata, in association with Dr R Ahmed Dental College & Hospital and Progressive Doctor Association, organized a vibrant 'Cross Out Tobacco' walkathon. The event witnessed an overwhelming response, with approximately 300 participants, including students, doctors, hospital visitors and more, joining the noble cause.


The 'Cross Out Tobacco' walkathon commenced at Dr R Ahmed Dental College, spanning a distance of 5 km and aimed to raise awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco consumption and promote a tobacco-free lifestyle among individuals of all age groups.


To further enhance awareness, a special talk by Dr Rajeev Sharan, H.O.D & Sr. Consultant - Head & Neck Cancer and Thyroid Surgery at HCG EKO Cancer Centre was delivered. This enlightening session on the detrimental consequences of tobacco usage was highly appreciated by attendees. The talk commenced at 10 am and offered valuable insights into the alarming rise in tobacco-related diseases and the significance of preventive measures. Following the informative session, the walkathon was officially flagged off. Throughout the session, participants showcased their solidarity towards the cause, marching forward to spread the message of a tobacco-free society. The walkathon allowed individuals from diverse backgrounds to unite and actively contribute to a healthier future. The event also saw Dr Santanu Sen (Hon’ble. MP), Dr Nirmal Maji (Hon’ble MLA), Mr Swarna Kamal Saha (Hon’ble MLA), Dr Siddhartha Niyogi (DHS) and Mr Bickram Ghosh, Indian classical tabla player, who graced the event with their presence. 


Mr Prateek Jain, Regional Business Head of Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd - East & AP, said, "Through the 'Cross Out Tobacco' walkathon, we aim to raise awareness about the devastating consequences of tobacco consumption and encourage individuals to make informed choices for a healthier future. Together, we can create a society where tobacco-related diseases are minimized, and well-being is prioritized."


"'Cross Out Tobacco' walkathon is just one step towards our larger mission of combating tobacco-related diseases. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the government of West Bengal and Dr R Ahmed Dental College & Hospital for associating with us on this initiative around the harmful effects of tobacco usage. Through such educational initiatives, we strive to empower individuals with knowledge and promote early detection, comprehensive cancer care, and a tobacco-free lifestyle." said Dr Amarjeet Singh, Chief Operating Officer, HCG EKO Cancer Centre.


While talking about the event, Dr Rajeev Sharan, H.O.D & Sr. Consultant - Head & Neck Cancer and Thyroid Surgery, HCG EKO Cancer Centre, said, “At HCG EKO Cancer Centre Kolkata, we aim to raise awareness about tobacco's harmful effects and advocate healthier lifestyles for a significant public health impact. We sincerely thank everyone for their unwavering support, which contributed to the resounding success of this event. With activities like the walkathon, we strive to sustain cancer awareness, prevention, encourage early detection, and offer comprehensive cancer care to people throughout the region."


The 'Cross Out Tobacco' walkathon served as a platform to educate and empower the community and aimed to instigate positive behavioural changes regarding tobacco consumption. By bringing together healthcare professionals, students, and members of the public, the event successfully fostered a collaborative environment in the fight against tobacco-related health hazards.

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