Finding lasting solutions for saving our planet- a pledge on World Environment Day ‘23


Kolkata: Children and adolescents from across the state of West Bengal, from Darjeeling in the north to the Sundebans in the south, observed World Environment Day ’23 today. The initiative was led by CINI-Child in Need Institute, a leading national NGO working tirelessly for over five decades, to build child friendly societies. CINI’s World Environment Day initiative is aimed at making the children and the adolescents, our future generation, aware of their responsibilities towards the environment and to ensure a safe and clean environment.

Each one of us is responsible for protecting and ensuring our planet’s good health. Hence, in the year 1972 the United Nations held the first ever conference, Conference on the Human Environment, in Stockholm, Sweden to make the environment a major issue. Since then every year this day is observed as World Environment Day. This year’s theme is “Solution to Plastic Pollution”. It involves finding solutions for banning single use plastic.  

The children performed street plays and other creative activities to celebrate this day. In one such World Environment Day programme held in the Sunderbans, the Kultali Child Parliament’s minister, 14 years old Surya said “There’s no need for the elders to do tree plantation when all they can do later is to cut them down to build big houses and carry out other commercial activities”.

On this occasion, CINI’s Founder Dr. Samir Narayan Chaudhuri, said, “Saving our beloved planet from the harmful effects of plastic is what we want to impart to our future generations”.

CINI’s National Advocacy Manager, Sujoy Roy said, “This planet is not only for the human beings but for all other living beings. While tree cutting can damage the environment and bring about climate change, there are other more harmful practices that can create greater damage. One such is the ill effects of single use plastic. We must work together and faster to control this and make sure that our planet is safe.”

In this golden jubilee year, a campaign titled ‘What Children Want’ was initiated by CINI. It will be led by its Chief of Programmes, Meghendra Banerjee. Consultations have already been held with adolescent children across various states to know about their thoughts on climate change and environmental issues.  We are hopeful that the bright young minds will present us with ideas that will go a long way in protecting our planet.

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