a breath taking fashion show held in Kolkata

National: Beauty is one such thing that is part of today's daily life. Be it internal or external. So in many cases it is now seen that beauty is recognized and rewarded. Be it in the country or abroad. A global star fashion show was recently held at a five-star banquet in the city. Organized by RK Entertainment and Arohan

 Productions. This fashion show was originally created by the writer and researcher Rupali Sarkar of West Bengal and Pradyut Acharya of Assam, the cultural amalgamation of these two states. Actress Devika Mukherjee and prominent personalities of Assam and West Bengal were present as the chief guest on this evening. Basically the entire program is divided into four categories – Miss, Master, Mrs and Kids. Following are the names of the winners –

Mr. Teen Winner

Hrishiroop Acharjee

Mr Teen 1st runner up

Rohit Basfor

Miss Teen

Winner Samranjanee Mandal

& judges choice Rohini Roy


Winner - & Om Choudhary

1st runner up - Aritra Chakraborty


Winner - Sumedha Sarkar

1st runner up - Pinky Barman


Winner - Puspita Malakar

1st runner up - Rekha Dutta

2nd runner up - Pinky Basfor

Kids A.

Winner Kavyanshi Das

Kids B duel

Winner- Snigdha Dhar and Didriksha Saha

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