KFC celebrates Kolkata’s love for‘truly unique fried chicken’ with a regional campaign

 KolkataKolkata is a melting pot of all things traditional and modern - from art, culture, architecture to the wide variety of delicious food the city offers. When it comes to food, Kolkatans unanimously unite over their love for KFC, and the brand pays an ode to everything that makes the city truly the City of Joy, with their latest campaign. Aptly showcased as “Fried Chicken Chaile? Let’s KFC”, the brand celebrates various everyday moments when KFC fans unite over a Bucket of Chicken. The 2 films of the campaign feature popular RJs and influencers - Somak Ghosh and Agnijit Sen - citing them in relatable situations and fun conversations. Whether it’s dressing up for a special occasion or coming together to enjoy a football match - Kolkata knows how it is done the right way, just as their favourite KFC chicken is!

Talking about deepening brand love in Kolkata and the region, a KFC Spokesperson, said“The city of Kolkata holds a special place for us. Over decades we have strengthened the brand’s presence in the city and garnered much love from KFC fans. The brand, with that unmistakable Bucket of Chicken and its signature taste, is synonymous with everyday celebrations, becoming an integral part of the city & its vivacious vibe. Whether it is pandal hopping during Pujo or getting together with friends & family over a weekend; cheering for your favourite sports’ teams or simply for some mid-week indulgence - KFC’s signature chicken indeed makes every occasion even more special. So, ekdom unique fried chicken chaile, to let’s KFC!”


The campaign includes 2 short films that capture some of the finer nuances of Bengali culture - the love for football and traditions – aptly brought alive by Somak and Agnijit. In the first film, Agni is seen getting dressed in true Kolkatan style (in a dhuti), while Somak is drooling over KFC chicken, oblivious to the world around him. While Agni is talking about the skillset it takes to tie the perfect dhuti, Somak is indulging in the perfect piece of KFC Chicken, agreeing that it indeed takes special skills to get fried chicken so right every time. It’s a seamless conversation all along, until realization strikes that they’ve been talking about completely different things, but in the end, shared love for KFC triumphs as they settle down to enjoy KFC together. Likewise in the other film, Agnijit is rattling off about an ongoing football match when he just about makes it, braving rains and more, like a true Kolkatan football fan, but Somak, the true KFC-lover, is lost in delishland with his KFC Bucket in hand, which too, is one of a kind. Enjoy both the Football & Dhuti films here, and while at it, place an order for your KFC favs on the App or website https://online.kfc.co.in/ - and Let’s KFC!

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