Home Chef’s take on handling kitchen like pro!

  Kolkata : Your utensils speak for you! Clean utensils & a clean kitchen are signs of a well-managed & hygienic kitchen. You’ve got to be smart to be a pro at handling the kitchen and not work hard. 

Celebrity Chef and Master Chef India runner-up Neha Deepak Shah says, “I usually have a busy day where it is all about creating a balance between Homes, Content Creation & the Cleaning. I love things around me to be clean and well maintained. I ensure there is planning in place that helps me space out my cleaning schedule & not feel suddenly burdened. I do not like to scrub and scrape my pans or kadhais as it leaves starches on them. I like to soak my utensils in IT

C Nimeasy as it saves my time for scrubbing and I get squeaky clean vessels in no time”.

Neha Deepak Shah shares a few important tips on how smart work can keep your kitchen, utensils and vegetables clean and tidy.

A pristine top - You must clean your kitchen top using a natural disinfectant solution such as ITC Nimeasy Natural Disinfectant and Power Cleaner spray then then wipe with dry cloth. Make sure your kitchen top is always clean and dry, this will help remove small flies and insects from your kitchen.

Squeaky Cleaning – At times when you have a lots of dishes to wash at once including the black burn stains, work smart to save the effort. Soak the dishes, kadhai and other utensils in water and add ITC Nimeasy Dish Wash gel and let it rest 30 minutes. This will help release all the tough particles and save you the effort of scrubbing.

Fresh Waves - To keep your microwave squeaky clean, place half a bowl of water & squeeze half a lemon in it. Place the bowl along with the squeezed lemon in it and microwave on medium power for 2 minutes. Now all you have to do is take a kitchen wipe and clean the interiors of the microwave. All the tough stains will be removed easily.

Clean Greens - To clean leafy vegetables, fill a big vessel with water and add some salt & 1 tablespoon vinegar to it. Let your vegetables soak in this solution for 5 minutes and then give them a good rinse. This helps remove all sorts of worms and microorganisms if any.

These simple yet effective tips will make you feel like a kitchen pro.

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