The Indian Football Awards held online, due to the Covid

National : The Indian Football Awards is the annual affair organized by the Football Players Association of India. The Awards, first held in the year 2010 have grown in leaps and bounds over the past 11 years. 

The award recipients are chosen by the players themselves. Every year the voting is conducted by members of FPAI, visiting different clubs playing in the I-league and the ISL wherein the players vote for anyone of their choice excepting their own club colleagues. 

The award function has been held all over India. Different venues are chosen every year. The award gala is generally preceded by a football match. Over the past few years the friendly match with the local state team has been given more importance than the gala and collection from the match have been handed over to the state government for local development projects. The Awards are given out at half time of the match, so that the spectators present can witness the same.

The voting for this year’s awards will be held online due to the Covid protocols being followed by the ISL and I league teams and will have an additional two award categories especially for women footballers. 

The Award categories for awards 2021-22 are:


  1. Foreign Player of the Year 

  2. Coach of the Year

  3. Young Player of the Year

  4. Indian Player of the Year

  5. Fans’ Player of the Year 


  1. Player of the Year

  2. Young Player of the Year

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