Celebrate the essence of Saraswati Puja with the new lenses on Snapchat

KOLKATA :  As India prepares for the onset of spring, celebrated as Vasant Panchami or Saraswati Puja, Snapchat has launched several AR experiences to mark this auspicious occasion. These new localized lenses along with special themed Bitmojis are set to capture the joy of this festive period and pay tribute to Goddess Saraswati - goddess of knowledge, language, music and all forms of arts.

Localizing the app experience for the Indian Snapchatter community has been a constant focus and the new lenses give Snapchatters a vibrant canvas of festive designs and wishes those who view it a 'Happy Vasant Panchami’. There will also be a section in Lens Explorer dedicated to all the community-made Vasant Panchami special lenses from 4th to 6th February 2022. This will include a newly developed Vasant Panchami lens by Mohnish Raut, an online lens creator who is part of Original Lens creator at  Snapchat. Mohnish has delivered some unique lenses in the past that showcases his creativity and skills as a lens creator on Snapchat and his latest Vasant Panchami lens is sure to bring out the festive spirit of this occasion.

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