Visually impaired cyclist Ajay Lalwani begins 7,500 kms journey across India to spread the message of road safety

 Kolkata, India : Ajay Lalwani, a visually impaired cyclist, is embarking on a 7,500 kms journey across India to raise awareness about road safety and the need for adequate lighting on our country’s roads. He will begin his journey from Gateway of India, Mumbai, and will travel twice across the length of the country toSrinagar, Kanyakumari and back to Mumbai, cycling through 12 states over a course of 45 days. His mission is supported by Signify (Previously known as Philips Lighting), the global leader in lighting. Ajay is a 25-year-old, visually impaired cyclist who has previously set two world records in blind cycling

 from Mumbai-Goa-Mumbai and Dadar–Gondia–Dadar. He has also won several medals at national level para-sports tournaments in Judo and Kabaddi. Ahead of the journey, Ajay Lalwani said, “Every year thousands of lives in our country are lost to road accidents and with this initiative I hope to create awareness about the importance of road safety through proper lighting on roads. I am delighted that Signify is supporting me in this mission and I hope to fulfill my dream at the end of these 45 days.” On the occasion, Sumit Padmakar Joshi, CEO & MD, Signify Innovations South Asia, said, “We, at Signify, salute Ajay’s commitment as he embarks on this ambitious journey across the country to create awareness about road safety. Adequate illumination on streets can play a huge role in enhancing road safety and reducing accidents. Together with Ajay, we hope to draw the country’s attention towards this cause and pave the way for safer roads in our country in the future. He is an inspiration for all of us, and we wish him the very best for his journey.”

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