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Thursday, September 16, 2021

Ticket To Gaming  by Techno India

 Techno India University West Bengal organized 4 days E-Gaming Event, “Ticket to Gaming - Gaming Convention” from 31st August - 3rd September 2021, with a vision to enlighten the Gamers. The prime focus of this event was learning about various topics including Playing vs Making Games: Insights to the industry, Making games for a living, Art, Science and Gaming, Design Workshop, Panel discussion with Partners and Streamers from the Indian Esports Community along with Live Gaming Competition, and many more in the span of 4 days.


The Games for the Live Gaming Competition were Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI) for mobile which was to be a Squad Battle Royale tournament and Valorant for PC which was a Solo Deathmatch tournament.


The event was done in collaboration by teams from Rooter, Ecole-intuit lab and Technopreneurs Surrogate Ventures.



30th August 2021


The Qualification round for the BGMI tournament was played on this day, we started with 160 squads which were divided into 8 groups so we had 8 matches. The top 10 squads in each group progressed into the next round.


31st August 2021

The day started with the Inauguration Ceremony at 11 AM where we were joined by Ms Pauline Laravoire, Mr Ravi Ranjan and Mr Meghdut Roy Chowdhury who shared a wonderful message to start the event.


The next event was “Panel discussion on Playing vs Making Games: Insights to the industry” from 11:30 AM. The panelists for this event were Mr Aritra Mukherji (CG Generalist at Zebu, Ex-Trainer Unity Technologies) and Mr Gourab Das (Co-founder Gamergeist, Key role in organizing big-ticketed eSports events for Rooter. The session was moderated by Maumita Sengupta.


The next event was the BGMI quarter-finals, in which we had 80 teams divided into 4 groups. 4 matches would be played and the Top-10 squads of each group would move into the Semi-Finals. The event was live-streamed on IIC Techno India Youtube page and Ticket to Gaming- BGMI on Rooter.


Simultaneously, Round 1 of VALORANT was also organised during the same time. We started with approximately 120 players, who were divided into 12 groups of 10 players each. The top 5 players in each group would move on to Round 2.

This event was also live-streamed on IIC Techno India Youtube Page and Ticket to Gaming- Valorant on Rooter.



1st September 2021


The First session of the day was “Panel Discussion on Making Games for a Living” from 11:00 AM. The speakers for the event were Mr Piyush Kumar (Founder and CEO, Rooter) and

Mr Vaibhav Chavan (Founder and CEO, Underdogs Gaming Pvt Ltd., AVGC 40 under 40, Public Speaker, Youtuber). The event was moderated by Maumita Sengupta.



Then we had the Semi-Finals of BGMI from 5 PM, we had about 40 Squads who were divided into 2 groups. Each group had to play 2 matches and the Top 10 squads after 2 matches from each group, would move to the finals. This event was live-streamed on IIC Techno India Youtube Page and Ticket to Gaming- BGMI.


Simultaneously, We also had Valorant Round 2, where we had about 60 players, they were divided into 6 groups, and the Top 10 from all groups combined would move into the final round. This event was also live-streamed on IIC Techno India Youtube Page and Ticket to Gaming- BGMI.



2nd September 2021


The first event of the day was “Arts, Science and Gaming” from 11 AM, which was managed by the Ecole-Intuit-Lab team. The speakers of the event were Mr Yan Garin (Country Head and Director, Ecole-Intuit-Lab) and Mr Anukul Kukade ( CEO Triodoxic Digital Studios and Faculty-Ecole-Intuit-Lab). The session was moderated by Maumita Sengupta.


The next event was Design Workshop which was taken by Mr Vishal Kawji (Faculty- Game Design Ecole-Intuit-Lab) and Mr Aaditya Panchal (Alumni, Game, Art and Design, Ecole-Intuit-Lab).


Up next was The Finals of BGMI, we had about 20 teams left, they played 3 matches and subsequently the tournament was won by team RTS esports with team Exile esports in 2nd Position and team Uchiha in 3rd Position. The event was live-streamed on IIC Techno India Youtube Page and Rooter where we had a total of 4506  viewers.


Simultaneously, the Finals of Valorant was also organized at the same time. The final round was to be played between  10 players, there would be 6 matches and the Top 3 players would be chosen on the basis of performance in all of the 6 matches. This event was also live-streamed on IIC Techno India Youtube Page and Ticket to Gaming- Valorant on Rooter where we had a total of 1860 viewers.


3rd September 2021


The final session of the event was “Panel Discussion with Partners and streamers from the Indian Esports Community” from 11:00 AM. The panelists for the event were Mr Nikhil Malankar (Founder and CEO of GameEon Studios, Youtuber with 85k+ subscribers, Author of 2 books on Game Development.) and Mr Chitradip Sarkar (Esports Professional). The session was moderated by Maumita Sengupta.


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