Candid Communication and Sidd’s Hospitality presents the 4th edition of Food Blogger Awards 2021

Kolkata: The journey of TFBA started with the objective to reward bloggers in segments of the quality of writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page or, of course, the quality of the photographs and the level of love displayed in the taking them. It is our celebration of bloggers, cooks, photographers and travellers who have taken to the web to tell stories and get us all excited.  We had successfully completed 3rd edition of Top Food Bloggers Award in 2020. We have more surprises in store this year. 

In the 1st year, The Veteran, Mr. Rajen Bali was conferred with the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award”. In 2019, last year we presented the same to Mr. Steven Lee the recipient of the prestigious British Chef is the year award who was born and brought up in Kolkata and went to the United Kingdom 17 years back and started the concept of Indo-Chinese cuisine in the UK. Hailing from Tangra, he is a pioneer in popularizing the unique taste and flavours of this special cuisine which was previously unknown in London. About a year back, he started his own venture, Hakkaland, which specializes in 'Kolkata Chinese'. In the last season, The Veteran, Mrs. Rakhi Purnima Das, was conferred with the prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award.”

The TFBA has 13 categories such as: Best Food Travel Blog, Most Inspired Weeknight Dinners, Best Food Instagram, Best Drinks Blog, Best Baking & Sweets Blog, Best Style & Design Blog, Food & Culture Blog Award, Best Food Videos, Best New Food Grammar, Best Photography, The Obsessive Award: Best Special Interest Blog, Nuveau Food Blogger of the year, Best Storytelling Blog of the year, Lifestyle Fashion & Travel Awards. We would also like to welcome aboard Sanjha Chulha as the post event partner, Rollick Ice Creams and Avedaa Spa as the gift partners, Photo Factory as Design Partners, Namhin Web Solutions as Technology Partner.

“The pandemic has affected the hospitality and F&B industries really hard - amidst the other businesses. One community whom we need to thank for coming forward wholeheartedly to support the industry in these difficult times is definitely the community of food bloggers. The TFBA 2021 is our way of thanking them for all their help in taking the industry forward” Paromita Ghosh, Director Candid Communication and Co - Founder TFBA.

Ankur Salim Siddiqui, Co Founder adds, "We are thrilled to have this Announcement for TFBA Season 4. These are extremely difficult times but one must remain positive. During these last 1.5 years, people have looked up even more to blog posts and recommendations from the Blogging Fraternity of places to order online from, dine in and to get away. The family continues to grow every Season and this is a huge motivation for us."

The Grand Finale is scheduled to take place on 24th September, Friday, 1830 hours onwards at Raajkutir, Swabhumi.

Nominations are Open now:

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