Actor Singer Suparna Kumar proves real humanity

 In this pandemic where people are actually  crying for mere livelihood and life, there are a few angels who actually  helping them out  wholeheartedly and one of them is Suparna Kumar, an actor and singer. Suparna has very recently finished one of her shorts "Unlucky Shirt" directed by Suranjan Dey.  Also

she has made a playback for the film. Though this is not the first time she has appeared in playback, rather she has synched her voice with Kunal Ganjawala and Kumar Sanu in Hindi.

Suparna recently took a wonderful initiative by giving away necessary protein food, dry foods, sweets, medicines and other necessary staffs for five thousand people which includes poor covid survivors and distressed, helpless beggers and slum dwellers in Baranagar area. In the previous lockdown also she helped poor and stray animals. Suparna always proves by her kindness and simplicity that your work will remain alive forever even if you are not.

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