Well ventilated rooms are effective solution to keep the virus at bay!


 Lately, a report published in the medical journal Lancet mentioned that SARS-CoV-2 virus that is

responsible for COVID-19, is an airborne pathogen which means that this disease could primarily be

transmitting through air. This has been an alarming finding as when a COVID positive person coughs or

sneezes, they release particles (droplets) containing the virus. While larger droplets fall to the ground,

smaller droplets comprising the virus can remain suspended in the air. Further, if someone breathes in

the same air, they can get infected with the virus.

In the current scenario, the role of ventilation is indispensable. Ventilation plays a crucial factor in

preventing the virus from spreading indoors. Poor ventilation can build up the virus in the room

consequently spreading it to more people. While people can resort to natural ventilation methods like

opening doors and windows, it is important to ensure that the air is getting circulated continuously.

Below are the ways by which you can improve ventilation in your home:

1. Bring fresh air into your home whenever possible. Open the doors and windows as much as

you can to bring in fresh air. The inflow of fresh outdoor air into your home will help to keep

stale air from amassing inside.

2. Turn on exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom whenever possible. This can improve air

flow and keep contaminated air from being concentrated in one place.

3. Always keep ceiling fans on to help improve air flow in an occupied room.

4. With the summer heat getting intense, cooling your house can be a challenge with the

windows and doors kept open. Use a cooling solution like an air cooler as they provide

adequate cooling even with open doors and windows. Air coolers also come with multistage

air purification filters that can further help in improving the indoor air quality.

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