CMRI introduces Robot-assisted Knee Replacement in Eastern India

 CK Birla Hospitals -CMRI, introduces Robotic Ortho Surgery for the first time in Eastern India with the latest cutting-edge technology. This knee replacement technology isa solution to high end complicated replacement procedure which enables surgeons to deliver more predictable outcome along with increased accuracy.

In the lieu of modern era, robot-assisted surgery has become the state of the art technology which enables operating with enhanced precision and accuracy. CMRI conducted an insightful and engaging session on Robot-assisted knee replacement with the most skilled orthopaedic robotic surgeonDr. Rakesh Rajput, director-Department of Orthopaedics, CMRI. Patients who underwent the surgery, walked the ramp along with people from world of art.

Dr. Rakesh Rajput, the only orthopaedicsurgeon trained in robotic procedures, performed a number of successful Robotics joint replacement surgery in Kolkata. He believes, “Robotic surgery integrates advanced computer technology with the experience intelligence to enable precision and accuracy at the minutest level, which leads to highly desirable results in the patient after the surgery. It is a state of art technology which enables the surgeon to replace only the damaged part of the knee with absolute perfection, saving all the other normal structures of the joint. Patients can now receive treatments that enables fast recovery and quick discharge. Further, the Robotics-assisted system eliminates the possibilities of human error and ensures perfect alignment, leading to the longevity of the joint implant. Robotics-assisted joint replacement surgery is extremely satisfying for the patients since it preserves all the natural structures of the joint and offers them a huge advantage of immediate recovery, early discharge and minimal blood loss. It is equally beneficial for people with knee ailments who intend to return to their active lifestyle sooner and elderly people who are at risk of undergoing a knee replacement.

He further adds, “We would like to focus more on the technological aspects as world is changing digitally, so we need to cope up with its innovative robust digital transformation. It would help us to manage orthopaedic care in an optimum level. Robot-assisted surgeries ensure quality diagnoses and lowers the risk of missed opportunities, it would help us improve utilization and make care-delivery processes more effective. With robotics-assisted joint replacement, we are driving our leadership ahead and ensuring that we are at par with the world”.

CK Birla Hospitals, CMRI benchmarks itself as a centre of excellence in Orthopaedics, providing the best clinical treatment to the patients from across. “This has always been our vision. We strongly believe that innovation and adoption of new technology are the touchstone of advancement of the healthcare industry. These initiatives have enabled us to save countless patients and to maintain our focus of providing continuous quality healthcare. This technology has been launched in India immediately after the western world and we are only the first hospital in the East India to adopt it successfully!” says Dr. Simardeep S Gill, COO, CK Birla Hospitals, Kolkata.

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