Center fresh strengthens brand portfolio with launch of Center fresh Mints ‘Clean Breath’

Over the years, Center fresh - the iconic brand from confectionery major Perfetti Van Melle India – has become synonymous with fresh breath, enabling people with confidence to engage in social situations. To further this promise, the brand has launched Center fresh Mints ‘Clean Breath’ which marked it’s foray into the ‘Intense Mints’ segment. The 3-layer product is made using compressed mint technology with zinc lactate trapped in the central layer. Available in Menthol Eucalyptus flavor, the product is clinically proven to offer intense cooling and freshness that lasts for 60 minutes, making it one of the most differentiated propositions in the country.


The offering is available in a unique and attractive butterfly shape that allows for easy rolling in the mouth along with ridges that aid in tongue cleaning. Priced at Re. 1, this unique and differentiated offering is the country’s first ‘Sugar-free Mint’ available at this compelling price point. ‘Center fresh Mints Clean Breath’ targets professionals who require intense fresh breath confidence to take on high-stake situations at the workplace. The launch, therefore, is well timed with the consumers stepping out after nearly a year of working from home.


Speaking on the new launch, Rohit Kapoor, Director Marketing,  Perfetti Van Melle India, said, “Over the last two and half decades, we have been able to create a strong resonance for Center fresh by leveraging various consumption trends to offer meaningful products for all occasions. As people begin to step out for work and other commitments, they will need to feel fresh and confident. Clean Breath proposition offers fresh breath confidence for a prolonged duration to our consumers and the communication for this launch highlights this with a high stakes interview situation. We are also hopeful that Clean Breath will add incremental business to the brand. This launch in essence brings together the best of our global expertise and innovation with our local insights and experience”.


The launch is supported with campaign on TV, extensively on Digital medium and with point of sale materials for retail trade. The launch TVC campaign is about a young man waiting for a job interview. He’s obviously nervous because of the situation. But when a flower falls on his head from nowhere, he takes this as a sign of good luck and feels confident. This confidence though fizzles out the moment he walks into the interview room and he scoots without facing the interviewers. We then see the same story play out again but this time, instead of a flower, he finds a pack of Center fresh Mints Clean breath and pops it. This time he pulls off the interview with full confidence because of fresh breath that lasts 60 minutes establishing the product benefit in high-stake situations. He clearly makes a positive impression on the interviewers and bags the job. The film is also supported by a track that punctuates the film so as to keep the excitement alive.

Commenting on the TVC, Anurag Agnihotri, Managing Partner - Creative (West), Ogilvy, said, “The big news for us was that Center Fresh mints Clean Breath delivers 60 minutes of fresh breath. The cut we took was, 60 minutes of confidence. The film brings this out in an engaging way by pitching Clean Breath proposition directly against 'good luck charms’ that people look for in high-stakes situation.”


Youtube link of the TVC:

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