Bazar Kolkata celebrated the International Women’s day 2021

 Bazar Kolkata celebrated the International Women’s day 2021. International Women’s day is celebrated every year globally on 7th March to honour the achievements of women in various fields . Therefore this celebration gives recognition to those women personalities who have excelled in their own fields.

 Indeed, women have contributed greatly to the welfare of the society and to the country subsequently. So today Baazar Kolkata for the first time ever in WEST BENGAL takes this opportunity to bring up its first store, where the customers and the complete store will be getting service and help from Women. This store is located in LINDSEY STREET .

There was also happy to get Actor SOHINI SARKAR to join our hands and other respect women personalities who has come forward to support us, believe and to be with us on the grand opening of Women  Bazar Kolkata store in LINDSEY STREET and making our dream come true. Bazar Kolkata, whose main intention has always been customer’s satisfaction and to understand their priorities.

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