UDAAN organizes ‘Road To Future’ Seminar in Barrackpore


 UDAAN – Let’s Fly Together, a social community Group, recently organized a seminar ‘Road To Future’ on the importance of Education and Health, in Barrackpore. The seminar witnessed sessions on Health, Hygiene, Student’s Fitness, IT-Tech Issues, along with other important topics. Over 300 people including, kids, parents, teachers, artists, doctors, social activists, business sectors participated in the event. The Seminar was organized keeping all precautionary measurement in mind. The Event was supported by Fashion and Retail Brand V-Mart.

It was a unique platform aimed at highlighting important issues. The session on Health & Hygiene mainly focused on the importance of hand-washing, immunity, etc. As the schools are closed, session on Fitness for the students focused on being fit and role of exercise at home. There are many parents and students who face problems while attending Online Classes. Session on Tech helped them to understand the DOs and DONTs of Technology. The seminar also highlighted the importance of wearing masks, maintaining social distancing and washing hands regularly to defeat the virus which the world is facing currently.

Anirban Kundu, Admin, UDAAN – Let’s Fly Together, said, “I am really proud and happy to be a part of this unique seminar. I thank the people of this region for making this a successful event. I also thank the partners, stall-owners and other participants for their support. We at Udaan, always take initiatives to create awareness about important issues in the area. We must organize such event to engage people to bring happiness and encouragement.”

Anirban Kundu added, “The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a global realization that our current way of life does not work. It has broken our perception of what is normal and deconstructed society as we know it. Two such critical areas, where the need for change has become evident, are Education and Health. The effects of the coronavirus and thereby its preventive measures, has upended the life of students, parents and teachers completely. The clear disruption in the ‘normal’ functioning of education has placed an emphasis on many questions, which were previously asked and subsequently left unanswered. So, what could the current effects of this global pandemic mean for the future of education? Our Seminar is all about that.”

Udaan: The objective of the group is to help children by strengthening relationships among children, parents, community members, local organizations, teachers and schools, governments and others. Moreover, keeping Children Safe represents a commitment by organizations worldwide to help children by developing and promoting a set of robust and comprehensive safeguarding standards that all organizations can and should follow. Over the period of time, this group has done so many social activities to stand beside needy people.

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