Hariharan and Bickram ghosh come together for the first time to create an album titled ISHQ set for Valentine's Day, directed by the noted film maker Arindam Sil


Legendary singer Hariharan and Percussion Guru Bickram Ghosh have joined hands to make the music video album "Ishq" which is being shot in different locales of Kolkata. The music video is being directed by the noted film maker Arindam Sil.

Hariharan and Bickram Ghosh come together for the first time to create an album titled ISHQ  Music by Bickram ghosh Vocals Hariharan. 6 romantic songs in the album . Bickram’s tunes are melodious and lilting and Hariharan ji’s silken voice creates a magic that is unparalleled. Bickram’s arrangements are new age , edgy and has the hallmark of the maestro’s well known fusion sound . Set for a Valentine’s Day release there’s love in the air !

Ishq was a project conceived by the two musical geniuses during a conversation and recently Hariharan enquired about it and Bickram immediately agreed to shoot the 6 songs which were promptly recorded by Hariharan in his own studio in Mumbai set to the music by Bickram and shall feature a few leading ladies of Bengal's entertainment industry as Priyanka Sarkar, Bibriti Chatterjee, Sauraseni Mitra in the first phase which shall see 3 songs being shot among others. The lyrics have been written by Sugato Guha, Rajiv Pandey and Sanjeev Tiwari. The video is being shot in different locations as the famed Maidans and also in heritage location of North Calcutta.

'Ishq' or love and passion is defined through the music and lyrics in the six songs captured through the portrayals by the leading ladies and also the romantic backdrop of Kolkata, the city of love and joy.

Expressing his happiness, Bickram lauded his favourite, 'Hari ji', for spontaneously agreeing to record the songs and fly down to Kolkata to shoot the songs.

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