5 green ways to turn over a new leaf in 2021


 2020 was spent adopting a renewed lifestyle. Suddenly you found that the world shrunk into the perimeters of your homes. Travel was reduced to movements between the various rooms in the house – from the kitchen to the living room, and later to the bedroom. The only respite to this constant wandering was the balcony or the window where you sat down with your plants, tended to them while trying to catch a juicy piece of gossip in the neighbourhood. While pruning leaves, checking if any pest has attacked the plant, you tend to sink into a therapeutic state where you are at peace and feel satisfied looking at the little pots of green around you.

Despite all that you may complain about the past year, 2020 was a year of revival of your relationship with the environment. Most of you reconnected and took steps towards a green future by incorporating natural elements into your homes. 2021 is the year to continue that courtship and more, towards aneco-friendlier lifestyle. Small adjustments around the home will help you in leading a more conscious lifestyle. Rashi Dhilla, a student pursuing her post-graduation, said, “Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is not very difficult, it can be as simple as switching off the lights when you walk out of a room or carrying your own bag while going to buy groceries. One eco-friendly change that I will be making this year is using a natural and safe product inside my home. I have begun my journey of cutting down use of chemical based products and moving towards plant-based cleaners like Nimyle, a floor cleaner that is not just environment friendly but is also safe for my pets.”

Below are a few ways that will help you lead a more conscious lifestyle:

•Switch to energy saving methods and products: This can be your first step to create a green and healthy home. Switch to Fluorescent bulbs as they use just a quarter of the electricity compared to regular incandescent bulbs, plus they last up to 10 times longer. Disconnect with phones and laptops when fully charged - it saves electricity and your equipment from damage due to over-charging.

•Choose eco-friendly cleaners: Find eco-friendly alternatives to harsh chemical cleaners that can cause health issues and pollute the environment as well. Several brands of non-toxic, all-natural action cleaning products such as Nimyle, a neem-based floor cleaner is easily available in local stores. Pay attention to the back of label, checking the contents for chemicals before buying.

•Include plants in your homes: Live plants around your home act as natural air purifiers and some plants are particularly effective absorbers of harmful pollutants emitted from carpets, furniture, and electronic equipments. So clean your indoor air and your living space by filling your home with spider plants, snake plants, Boston ferns, rubber plants, and palm trees. Go a step further and consider setting up a small patch on your terrace or balcony to grow your own herbs of even vegetables

•Adopt a zero waste lifestyle: one easy step is to ensure that kitchen waste like fruit and vegetable peels, tea leaves, coffee grounds, almost all organic waste is better utilized. Converted kitchen waste into compost, for a DIY natural manure for your plants.

•Reuse and recycled products: Invest in a set of sturdy cloth bags. Keep them handy for a quick shopping trip. Check labels for the green recycle logo on products like tissues, or packaged food in recycled cardboard.

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