‘Where Bravehearts Dwelt: 10 Incredible stories from Indian History’ By author Saurav Ranjan Datta

 Often times we have wondered whether we would be more inclined to learn history had it been presented to us with an entertaining twist and interesting storytelling;the latest book ‘Where Bravehearts Dwelt: 10 incredible stories from Indian history’ from author Saurav Ranjan Dattais just that, a spirited compilation of real stories based on facts and historical characters.

According to Saurav Ranjan Datta, “The history of India is not only fascinating but also very colourful; it narrates incidents of myriad contours. However, till date we have only been exposed to it from an academic point of view. While our mythologies have fascinated the populace of this country repeatedly due to their fantastical elements and also due to the quality of their supreme storytelling style, history has always taken a back seat. With this in mind, this book is an endeavour to present history through fiction to make it more interesting and entertaining.”

The book is a take on Indian history from a modern point of view with mix of facts and fiction to keep the reader glued to its narrative. The book is now available on Amazon Kindle and the paperback will soon be available on Amazon and Flipkart at a very reasonable price.

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