Riyaaz Is Finally Over! Time To Sing “Saath Saath Mein” To 1,2, 3…Riyaaz’s Original Music Video on Friendship & Togetherness

  “Saath Saath Mein” - the much-awaited original music video from Smule iDiva 1, 2, 3… Riyaaz is finally here! The video dropped today and featured a peppy bunch of winners along with Lisa Mishra, Jassie Gill & Kusha Kapila. The video is a foot-tapping number that talks about how when you have a song in your heart, you should get together and sing it “Saath Saath Mein.” 

To recapitulate, Smule iDiva 1, 2, 3…Riyaaz was India’s first digital-only musical reality show that in 6 months of run time amassed the love of over 15 million music lovers. The nation waited with bated breath for the music video to drop, and now that it has - we can only say “kudos!” 


Produced by ILN Studios in partnership with Times Bridge, “Saath Saath Mein” is a wonder-video that was composed, recorded and shot remotely, connecting 25 winners and 3 mentors from across the country, without even needing to physically meet. The song recordings were digitally stitched by Ankur Tewari, the musical wunderkid - to create a musical masterpiece like no other. Topping that off, a music video was pieced together without an on-ground crew - but with enthusiastic winners who danced away to glory using their phone cameras. The footage was then edited using the animation to transform home-style footage into a stylized music video.


To be able to pull off such a herculean feat, despite all the struggles that came with 2020 is ovation-worthy at the least! The result is a song that brings people together and very beautifully promotes the idea of togetherness and friendship. Reminiscent of the early 80’s disco vibe made modern, the music is so catchy that it’s difficult to get out of your head. Coupled with the winners and the mentors dancing to a really catchy step, we daresay, the next viral song challenge has been found. 


When asked about his experience of “Saath Saath Mein” Punjabi Pop Heartthrob Jassie Gill said “It's been a truly unique experience shooting & singing ‘Saath Saath Mein’ from home, and I thoroughly loved creating the song. As they say, the show must go on, the wait would be over soon as we’re all geared for an enthralling musical finale.”Jassie Gill added. 


Kusha seconded him, “It is the kind of song you would want to sing with others. It reminds you that doing things together with others makes life that much easier & more enjoyable.”


Lisa Mishra too joined in by saying “It was an interesting challenge to go from a location shoot to an end-to-end remotely shot production. It’ll be a blast to see it all come together along with AnkurTewari’s tunes. I’m looking forward to the launch!” Lisa Mishra added.


Watch the music video 'SaathSaath Mein' on iDIVA’s Youtube Channel and sing the song on the Smule app. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAoz-qgabqE

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