Maruti Suzuki Enclave – Affordable, world-class homes for employees


National : Maruti Suzuki completed a housing township of affordable modern eco-friendly houses for its employees in Dharuhera here today and handed over the first batch of houses to its employees. The remaining apartments out of a total of 360 are expected to be ready for possession in a staggered manner.

One of the key reasons of Maruti Suzuki’s sustained success and leadership despite presence of many global players is that the relationship between the company and its employees is of partnership and mutual trust. The employees see the growth of the company as the instrument of their own growth and make all efforts to make it happen. Similarly, the company shares the benefits of economic growth with its employees and their families and takes care of their all-round wellbeing. Housing is one of the first needs of employees and gives them a sense of long term security and ownership with the company.

The company has been working on this principle right from inception. The Company launched its first housing project in 1989 at Chakkarpur, Gurugram and its second project in 1994 at Bhondsi, Gurugram. This is the third project in Dharuhera called Maruti Suzuki Enclave and the company is already exploring more housing projects based on employee needs. The management was committed to give employee welfare projects as much emphasis as reviving production and sales in the Covid-19 period.

Unlike usual employee housing projects, the houses in this township will be owned and managed by the employees themselves. The company has facilitated employees by way of bulk negotiation for land and building, coordination with Haryana government for approvals and monitoring the quality and execution through a professional agency. The company has supported financially and facilitated soft loans. The employees have also availed of the benefits under the government schemes Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana and Deen Dayal Jan Awas Yojana.

The project has been carried out using the ecologically-friendly practices and expertise of the company. Maruti Suzuki Enclave hosts well-maintained gardens, LED street lights, rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment plant (STP), water treatment plant and electrical sub-station, among others. These apartments feature modern and best quality Monolithic Construction Technology. In this state-of-art technology, the whole structure along with the slab is casted in a single go avoiding the use of bricks, thereby reducing pollution and time drastically. Provided with security, homes will have access to utility services such as housekeeping, electrician and plumber, among others.

Dedicating the housing project to employees, Mr Kenichi Ayukawa, MD & CEO, Maruti Suzuki India said, “A good affordable and hygienic house is one of the basic needs of employees. All the eligible employees who opted for this location will be soon entering their new homes. With the launch of Maruti Suzuki Enclave housing project, we wish to convey our sense of partnership and gratitude to our employees and their families. We also thank the Central Government and the State Government for their affordable housing friendly policies that have enabled our employees to fulfil their aspirations to own a house.

Mr Ayukawa added, “I am also personally happy about the aspects that this project had full ownership of the employees themselves, that this employs the latest environment-friendly measures and that it could be completed despite the Covid-19 Pandemic”


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