Bhumi Pednekar, A Bollywood Star and A Climate Warrior, Reveals Why She Chose To Be A Brand Ambassador of WOW Skincare Line

  National, 08 December 2020: WOW Skin Science, a #MakeInIndia skincare and wellness brand, today launched a short brand video-film starring Bhumi Pednekar who reveals the secret of going back to nature to regain the trust for her skin.

The foundation of belief that WOW Skin Science is based on is #NatureInspiredBeauty. With Bhumi as the brand ambassador, the brand found a voice who seconds the same belief system. With this film launch, the brand shows how with the daily hustle and bustle of life we have ignored the relation that our skin used to have with nature once upon a time. The way we cherish our relation with our family and friends, it is equally important to cherish one with our skin and nature. There’s abundance of natural wealth around us, we just need to regain, revive and rebuild this relationship.


Trust is not a tried and tested formula, and it is only nature that I trust the most for my skincare regime which is why WOW Skin Science became my most preferred choice. Being a climate warrior has brought me back into the lap of nature and made me realise what all I was missing out on. From our eating habits to our skincare rituals and everything in between it's time that we bring back nature to our lives and that is what WOW Skin Science is doing by bringing natural products to you. So, I confidently say - Trust in WOW, Trust in nature”, said Bhumi Pednekar.


Being able to meet with growing demands and expectations of consumers seeking effective beauty remedies, our promise of offering sustainable and nature inspired beauty has always topped the chart. With this film, we aim at helping our consumers reconnect with nature for their skincare needs. With Bhumi onboard, who is a firm believer of everything natural, it makes it easier to convey the message out there to everyone”, explained Madhur Acharya.

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