Crompton unveils its latest Ceiling Light LED panel – Star Lord for Maximum Brightness with Maximum Style

  India’s leading company in the lighting category Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd has been known to take great strides in the LED category over the years with innovative lighting solutions. The company now plans to take this innovation up a notch with the launch of its latest range of Ceiling Lights called Star Lord – a range with high brightness and stylish ultra slim rims. Bringing its skillful guidance of design for a sleeker ceiling, brighter illumination and a strong momentum of providing functional benefits, the latest offering by the company ensures its consumers “Maximum Brightness with Maximum Style”.

Lighting has become an essential part of our lives where it can augment the space we are living in and completely transform the mood and ambience of the home. This is also emphasized in the perception of LED Lighting where the need of basic illumination has now shifted to improving and complementing the home décor. With LED panels now delivering brightness with a touch of design in false ceilings, it adds a more stylish and brighter finish to the room. However, consumers are always looking for maximum brightness in order to create a well-lit space. As they become more involved in choosing the right lights, it also gets difficult in finding flexible lighting solutions that are bright enough yet ultra-modern or be able to diffuse light easily across all the corners of the room. Taking all this into account and addressing the key needs, Crompton’s Star Lord comes with a range of Ultra Slim LED Panels with 100 Lumens per Watt that are not only energy efficient, but will also light up your home with the brightness of a star and add maximum style to the décor.


Commenting on its latest offering, Vishal Kaul - Vice President - Lighting, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. said, “From home renovations to home décor, Star Lord illuminates your space uniformly enabling you to do your chores and tasks more easily and productively. Combining great performance for brightness with great design for style, its core properties do not compromise on the basic yet essential needs of lighting, cost and energy efficiency. Crompton believes in adding comfort, convenience and style to our consumers and with innovation being the backbone, our new product Star Lord has been designed to drive these properties and make your home a happier place.”


Crompton’s Star Lord has a Lumen Efficacy of 100 Lumen per Wattage light that is far brighter compared to other panels and gives a wider light emitting area to your space. Its Ultra Slim Rim also results in a sleeker design which merges well with the false ceiling ensuring a more stylish décor. The range brings the standard shapes of having both Round and Square as well as a choice of different color temperature variations that can illuminate a room with maximum brightness and maximum style. From a Cool Day Light color (6500K) that has a bright white glow to a Natural Light (4000K) that replicates the beautiful glow of natural-changing sunlight and a Warm White (3000K) ideal for setting warm and cozy atmospheres. They can be used across various spaces like homes, offices, auditoriums as well as commercial interior places.


A one-stop solution for consumers looking for maximum brightness and maximum style in home décor, the new Star Lord introduces a range of rich features and benefits including:

·         Lumen Efficacy of 100 Lumen per Wattage light for Maximum Brightness

·         Ultra Slim Rim that results into a Sleeker Design which mixes with the False Ceiling for Maximum Style

·         Comes with the right cut out size ensuring that the sizes are standardized. This makes the installation a “hassle free process” for electricians.

·         Star Lord with High power factor > 0.9 ensures minimal power losses and increased Life of Panels

·         The Milky White Diffuser ensures that the light output is uniformly spread with Wider Beam Angle which reaches all corners of the living space

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