Debjani katha

 Rabindranath wrote a poem 'Biday Ovishap' based on the story of Kach and Dedjani as depicted in Hindu scriptures. In the program 'Debjani Katha' though primarily based on that poem, the story was presented from a different perception; here instead of Kach, Debjani's point of view have been highlighted.

Part recitation of the poem, narration, tagore's song and dance graced the program beautifully.

Ananya Pal concieved the idea and wrote the script of the program. Radio artist Debashish Banerjee and Sohini Sengupta were on recital of the poem where as reputed anchor Arunava Basu narrated the script. Tagore's songs were sung by Satwika Das and Iman Gupta was on dance depicting Debjani.

It is a Clutterbox Pictures production; channel partners are Channel One and abtv.

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