Vivel launches its new TVC with brand ambassador Kriti Sanon ITC Vivel’s new TVC celebrates the indomitable spirit of woman

National : With the unprecedented outbreak, on a different note, we have also witnessed a renewed perspective of equality with women taking the lead.  More women across the world, along with men, have equally shared responsibilities and stood together in both professional and personal roles in this fight against COVID-19. World leaders, Doctors, nurses, policewomen, pilots, mothers, teachers and journalists among many others, are being recognised for their ability and competence. While this is a positive beginning, women still routinely deal with inequality, patriarchy, prejudice, and harassment.

ITC Vivel with its philosophy of ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahin’ has been vocal about equality and empowerment, encouraging women across the nation to question the status quo, voice their opinions uninhibitedly, speak up against injustice and own their choices without any compromise.  With brand ambassador Kriti Sanon, a dynamic and emerging Bollywood talent, ITC Vivel unveils a new film which celebrates this indomitable spirit of a woman who embodies strength to rise over any adversity, big or small, in her own nonchalant way. The film presents a narrative that is relatable to many women in the professional space. It portrays confidence and self-belief to not compromise on her dignity in any given situation and handle the moment in a composed yet witty way. Conceptualised by Brand David, the film in a slice of life presentation, demonstrates Vivel’s philosophy of ‘Ab Samjhauta Nahin’ emotionally and rationally. 

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Initiatives by Vivel to empower women: ‘Vivel Ab Samjhauta Nahin’ with its unique Know Your Rights initiative is working extensively with colleges across India to empower everyone with the knowledge of rights and build equality champions across the nation. More than 700 colleges have experienced the workshop co-created with one of the most renowned legal authorities in India, Ms. Karuna Nundy and around 1 lakh students have actively participated in the workshops that began its outreach last year in 2019.

Vivel has also collaborated with Azad Foundation India to launch ‘Parvaz’ a feminist leadership programme to empower women and transform communities. The project in its third year now has already introduced more than 40 community leaders in the last two years who have helped transform lives of more than 60,000 women in big ways and small.

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