This lockdown, do not distance yourself from skincare

With majority of us currently confined to our homes, our skincare regimes have significantly changed. While most of us are off make -up and giving our skin a break, we should also use this opportunity for self-care and not forget some basics; after all, it is not so bad to pamper ourselves even in the smallest way possible. The Flipkart team gives a few essential tips that you should be careful to keep up through this period.

Protect yourself from the UV rays
It is a myth that one needs to apply sunscreen only while stepping out. Whether you are staying at home or going outdoors once a day for exercise, it is important to use a full spectrum sunscreen as glass windows and fine curtains can let UV rays in.

A regular skin cleanse can do wonders
When it comes to skincare, amidst the lockdown, many of us may find our skin to be a lot drier and are witnessing unexpected breakouts along with a dull, tired skin. This is mainly because of the change in environment, constant stress and anxiety, and new habits that are impacting the skin. To combat this, be sure to use a cleanser adapted to your skin type — cream, oil, micellar water — and complete your cleansing ritual every evening. Make this a part of your routine as it is vital to remove dirt accumulated on your skin during the day and to ensure that your skin can regenerate itself optimally at night. Along with it, keep yourself hydrated inside out and it will work wonders and bring back the glow to your skin.

Stay home, Stay Moisturized
While it is important to regularly wash our hands to keep the virus away, all that washing, and hand sanitizing dries out the skin. Many people are experiencing cracked and chapped hands. Therefore, moisturizing your hands regularly is very important.

Don’t ignore Lip care
Lastly, that one thing that should not be ignored is lip care. A lip balm is not only an essential beauty item, but also a healthy skin need. Lips happen to be one of the most sensitive parts of the body and need the most extreme consideration and care. So, the next time you take care of your skin, do not forget to keep your lips hydrated too.

Stay hydrated with the Face Mist
If you are looking for the perfect skincare treat to deal with the hot weather, try out a cooling face mist? It will keep your skin feeling hydrated even in the worst heat. Simply spray the mist on your face for a refreshing look

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