Measures to maintain your four-wheeler and ways to keep it safe during knockdown by Tata Motors

In light of the Covid-19 induced nationwide lockdown, which has compelled citizens to stay indoors, Tata Motors recently shared some easy to implement tips for car owners to maintain and sanitize their vehicles during this period. This is a part of the company’s #SAFETYFIRST initiative, which aims at ensuring the safety as well as maintenance of cars while individuals safeguard themselves by staying at home.

To maintain their cars at home, owners have been advised to take a variety of measures. To keep the battery of the car charged, the car should be started once every week. This will ensure that the battery doesn’t exhaust itself. Additionally, the car should be parked in a safe spot in the house or building premises. Moreover, it is also important to preserve the functionality of its internal components. Therefore, using a tyre stopper or putting the car in gear is a more efficient way of parking the car than using the handbrake as it can jam the brake if engaged in the car park position for a prolonged period of time. Also customers should move their car forwards and backwards to keep it from remaining immobile for too long and avoiding flat spots on tyres.
To reduce the effect of changing weather on the vehicle, the fuel tank of the car should be kept full to avoid moisture from settling in. Regular sanitization and periodical checks of the interior and car parts such as the steering wheel are also important to maintain regular hygiene and ensure that the components are functioning. Additionally, the interiors can be kept clean by vacuuming the carpets and mats and wiping car parts such as door handles with regular cleaning solution or disinfectant. The wiper arms should also be in an uplifted position. Lastly, using a car cover will protect the car from getting affected by external factors and avoid the layering of dust on the exterior of the vehicle.
All said and done, it is also important to follow personal hygiene habits such as washing your hands before and after cleaning the car, daily cleaning of high top surfaces at home, careful handling and preparation of meals and disposing off daily food and packaging waste. These are small steps that contribute to the larger defense mechanism in our fight against Covid-19. 

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