Charting a Sustainable Course: Panel Discussion to Explore Strategies to Combat Plastic Pollution

Kolkata, : IISWBM in association with CII ITC-Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development and The Mission LiFE (LiFE Cell) at the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, SwitchON Foundation, Earth Day Network and Indian Plastic Federation is organizing the Earth Day on 27th April. In the inaugural session Prof. (Dr.) K M Agrawal, Director (Acting), IISWBM highlights the concept of circular economy for plastic reduction, Prof. (Dr.) Pradip K Sikdar, Head of MBA-Public explained the menace of microplastic in groundwater, Shri Shikhar Jain, Executive Director, CII – ITC Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development talked about the actionable strategy for the reduction of plastic across diverse sector and to Shri Ankur Chaturvedi, Associate Vice President – HSE, Excellence & Quality, Emami Group discuss on corporate sustainability.

A panel discussion on the theme of Earth Day i.e ‘planet vs plastics.’ has also conducted. The event convened some of the most prominent voices in environmental advocacy and corporate responsibility to delve into the critical issue of plastic pollution. The panel delved into the detrimental effects of plastic on the environment and explored potential solutions to mitigate its adverse impacts.

The panel discussion involved notable speakers like Dr. Aniruddha Mukherjee, Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta,  Shri Anjan Fouzdar, EE and Incharge, Electronic and Plastic Waste, West Bengal Pollution Control Board, Mr. Sisir Jalan, Immediate past President, Indian Plastics Federation & Chairman of Servo Group,  Shri Shivram Mukherjee, Manager, PwC, Climate Resilience & Disaster Risk Reduction PricewaterhouseCoopers Private Limited and Shri Niladri Basu, Manager E.O.S.H and SustainabilityBengal Beverages (P) Ltd.


Dr. Surajit Chakraborty, IISWBM said,We want youth to channel their energy into something productive, and beat plastic pollution through innovation and creativity. This initiative offers hope for a future where plastic waste is repurposed for positive outcomes.”

Mr. Shivram Mukherjee, PwC stated, "As custodians of our environment, we must tackle the plastic pollution crisis with determination. The multiple events on the occasion of Earth Day would bring together innovative minds to brainstorm and find solutions to the menace of plastic.”

Following the insightful panel discussion, around 70 students engaged in a range of activities aimed at raising awareness and promoting sustainable practices keeping the theme of Earth Day in mind. These activities included poster making competition, an art challenge utilizing recycled materials to depict geographical themes, and a session highlighting entrepreneurial ideas aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Additionally, a spirited debate on the topic further enriched the discourse.

Ms. Sweety Mukherjee, Communication Specialist, SwitchON Foundation stated, "Single-use plastic stands as a paramount environmental concern, posing significant threats to humans, wildlife, and their ecosystems. Reusing and repurposing plastic waste can definitely help to combat its detrimental effects.”

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