National: Shri Akshay Satnaliwala, a fellow citizen was travelling in the same flight from Delhi to Kolkata with the Railway Minister Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw on February 2, 2024. Taking that privilege Shri Satnaliwala handed over a plea on a simple tissue paper to the Minister of Railways Shri Ashwini Vaishnaw.

            Within six minutes at midnight after de-boarding the flight at Kolkata, Shri Satnaliwala received a call from the General Manager’s Office, Eastern Railway Headquarters.

            Shri Milind K Deouskar, General Manager, Eastern Railway arranged a meeting with Shri Satnaliwala who is the Director of a Solid Waste Management company for discussing the freight prospect from the organisation.

            Accordingly, the meeting was held between Shri Milind K Deouskar, General Manager, Eastern Railway and Shri Akshay Satnaliwala, Director, LYNQ Eastern Organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. at Eastern Railway Headquarters today. Shri Saumitra Majumdar, Principal Chief Commercial Manager, Shri R. D. Meena, Principal Chief Operations Manager, Eastern Railway, were also present in the meeting.

            In the meeting, Shri Satnaliwala explained the schematic flow of solid waste to different industries as inputs and the prospective buyer at different parts of the country like Raipur in Chhattisgarh and Rajgangapur in Odisha and other clusters.

            The General Manager responding to the business possibilities from the organisation offered flexible terms for carrying solid & other waste through Railway route as a cheaper mode of transportation. Such bulk quantity transport of solid & plastic waste through Railway route will not only be beneficial for the company but also will help in recycling of waste thereby reducing the pollution level at the same time.

            Both PCCM & PCOM in presence of General Manager guided the officials of LYNQ Eastern Organic Fertilizer Pvt. Ltd. about the policies & advantages of loading to different parts of the country from Chitpur Yard, Sealdah Division. During the meeting both these senior officials of Eastern Railway asked the organisation to submit a proposal for station to station rate facility with a commitment of traffic movement from Eastern Railway.

            The organisation expressed their happiness that responding to a simple appeal on a tissue paper to the Railway Minister, a co-passenger, a big & effective approach for new business relationship has been taken by Eastern Railway which is beyond imagination for a simple businessman. They thanked the Railway Minister and Eastern Railway officials for such a positive response and hope that this government should continue in future also where any person can approach even the Railway Minister at any moment for any assistance.

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