ITC’s Aashirvaad Mishti Doi brought the age-old ‘Doi-walas’ to life this festive season

Kolkata: This Durga Puja, ITC’s Aashirvaad Mishti Doi rekindled timeless memories and left an indelible mark in the hearts of Bengalis. The brandbrought back the memorable ‘doiwalas’ from the pages of rich Bengali literature,who were once the heart and soul of Kolkata's streets spreading joy with their delectable mishti doi, calling out in their signature tune- ‘Doi Chaaai Dooooiii…’ Only this time, it was Aashirvaad Mishti doi coming out of their earthen pots rekindling the heart-warming emotions tied to this timeless tradition and delighting people with the same rich and creamy taste. Actors in the attire of ‘Doiwalas’, wearing dhotis and gamchhas, walked around the streets with a wooden plank (baank) on their shoulders containing Aashirvaad Mishti doi in earthen pots.


A Musical treat accompanied these doiwalas, with  Aashirvaad Mishti Doi song, exclusively sung by Aritra Dasgupta. Inspired by Bengal's culture, the song gained popularity with almost more than a lakh views on You Tube in a week. The joyous 'doiwalas' also joined in celebration, swinging to this tune at popular locations such as Hindustan Park Purbachal and New Town Sarbojanin. Aashirvaad Mishti Doi was also served at a few pandals as 'sesh paate doi,', giving attendees the opportunity to savour the delicious mishti doi during the auspicious celebrations.


ITC’s Aashirvaad Mishti doi, which is available in 2000+ general stores, modern trade stores across Kolkata and on ITC estore. has always associated itself with Bengali nostalgia bringing back timeless memories of yesteryear with its delicious taste. This campaign had the iconic 'Doi-walas’, as a vehicle to bring back these cherished memories by reaching out to newer generations and providing them an experience of the treasured past.


Commenting on the campaign, Mr Sanjay Singal, Chief Operating Officer – Dairy and Beverages, ITC Limited, said, "Mishti Doi is one of the most loved desserts in West Bengal and is also considered to be a must have during special occasions. It gives me immense pleasure that during the festive days we were able to bring the taste of this iconic dessert to our consumers through none other than the iconic doi-walas. They brought alive a lot of nostalgia and cherished memories associated with the dessert.”


In addition to these heartwarming efforts, Aashirvaad Mishti Doi hosted a digital contest, '#MishtiSwaaderSmriti,' encouraging participants to share their cherished Durga Puja memories in creative ways. The contest winners received exciting prizes, adding to the delight of the festivities. Overall, Aashirvaad Mishti Doi engaged with over ~33,000 consumers through various activations during this period, bringing a delightful taste of old memories to the streets of Kolkata during Durga Puja.

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