An Efficient Addition to the Kitchen: TTK Prestige introduces ease of cooking with the Induction Cooktop 2000W


Kolkata 26 October 2023: The legacy brand of cookers and kitchen appliances TTK Prestige brings a new addition of Induction Cooktops to their portfolio. An innovation to simplify cooking, the induction is convenient, faster to use, and saves 25% more energy.


A slight shift from the traditional know-how of stove tops, the induction brings in a new wave of possibilities. The induction cookware comes with a smart function of auto pressure cooking mode which helps with a seamless process of making your favourite dishes. This mode determines the pressure cooking activity and automatically switches to the Keep Warm Mode as required.


Curated for Indian audiences the induction cooktop can be set on different temperature settings as per the requirement. Adapted to prepare an array of dishes, it can be altered to the specifications of all your delicacies. The Indian menu option on the control panel allows one to switch to its features and functions with just a tap. So be it a quick sauté on a pan or stirring a delicious curry, the induction has got you covered on all your culinary endeavours!


The Induction Cooktop comes with an aerodynamic cooling system which ensures longevity for the appliance. It also has safety features like an automatic voltage regulator protecting it from power fluctuations. It’s a perfect blend of your traditional charm of preparation with new developments suited for modern kitchens.


Setting a new standard in Induction Cooktops, TTK Prestige is the first and only brand to introduce the “Whistle Counter Induction Cooktop” feature in India. This unique functionality, exclusive to Prestige Induction Cooktops, empowers users to control their pressure cooker cooking process effortlessly. It comes with an “Auto Pressure Cooking Mode” setting that can control the number of whistles required for a recipe, and the Induction Cooktop automatically counts them ensuring perfectly cooked dishes every time. Automatic Keep Warm mode once the desired whistle count is reached.


Traditionally, Indian cooking relies on the number of whistles in pressure cooking. Different dishes require specific whistle counts, necessitating constant monitoring. With the Whistle Counter, users can now delegate the counting task to their Induction Cooktop. This not only eliminates the risk of counting errors but also grants users the freedom to engage in parallel activities without being tethered to the kitchen.


The TTK Prestige Whistle Counter Induction Cooktop is designed for the modern Indian kitchen, offering speed, convenience, and 25% energy savings compared to traditional stovetops. With multiple temperature settings and an intuitive Indian menu option on the control panel, this Induction Cooktop caters to various culinary needs. Whether it’s sautéing or simmering, the appliance adapts to your cooking requirements with ease.


The TTK Prestige Induction Cooktop is available at all leading kitchenware retailers and online platforms with a warranty of one year. Renew your cooking experience with an improvised mechanism of an eco-friendly approach to cooking.

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