Cricketer Suryakumar Yadav Makes a Bold Statement in Men of Platinum’s Latest Campaign


Kolkata : Platinum Guild International (PGI) India’s Men of Platinum introduces a new chapter of their extraordinary narrative. Capturing the essence of a true man of character, the brand welcomes leading cricketer “SKY” - Suryakumar Yadav into their fold. Selected as the face of their latest campaign, Suryakumar's journey mirrors the enduring rare qualities that platinum stands for.

Six captivating digital films, a television rendition, print & other content formats work together to weave parallel narratives of Suryakumar's journey and the rare, values that Men of Platinum represent. The campaign thought is brought alive via an immersive journey into the life of this extraordinary cricketing talent through an engaging series titled "A Minute with Men of Platinum X Suryakumar Yadav". This unique six-part mini-series pulls back the curtain on his life, tracing the threads of his journey and aligning them with the core values that Men of Platinum symbolize.


Suryakumar Yadav shared his thoughts on being a part of the new Men of Platinum campaign, as he stated, “I am excited to come on board and be a part of this season’s campaign for the new collection. Platinum is a metal that always endures and never fades, thus making it truly rare. I have always strongly believed in values like self-belief, endurance, courage, resilience, and compassion that Men of Platinum stands for. These values have guided me throughout my professional and personal life. Platinum jewellery also resonates with my personal style – the range of sleek, minimal, and contemporary designs appeal to my style sensibilities, allowing me to seamlessly integrate these pieces into my wardrobe.”


Every film in this series serves as a chapter, painting a vibrant picture of Suryakumar's evolution, from his roots in Mumbai's bustling streets to his shining triumphs on the international cricketing stage. With each unfolding chapter, the parallels between Suryakumar's unyielding spirit and the unique attributes of platinum become more evident. They highlight his steadfast adherence to the core values of a true Man of Platinum: self-belief, courage, resilience, compassion, endurance, and authenticity.


"A Minute with Men of Platinum X Suryakumar Yadav" unfolds in a succession of powerful mini episodes, each highlighting a unique facet. Each episode spends a minute on a moment that showcases character traits that make one a Man of Platinum. It kicks off with an inspiring episode, 'A Minute on Self-Belief', a testament to Suryakumar's triumphant debut. The next episode, 'A Minute on Courage', revisits a time when he faced a severe injury yet stood strong. The third episode, 'A Minute on Resilience', pays tribute to Suryakumar's indefatigable spirit. Against all odds, 'SKY', as he is fondly called, stood tall through all the challenges that came his way, ultimately securing a coveted spot on the Indian team. The episode draws parallels with the resilient nature of platinum, which makes it truly rare & SKY. 'A Minute on Compassion' shares a poignant moment from Suryakumar's early days with the cricketing legend, the master blaster. 'A Minute on Endurance', dwells on a value both Suryakumar and platinum share, the ability to endure. The series concludes with 'A Minute on Staying True,’ just like platinum remains true to its form over time, Suryakumar, too, has stayed authentic to his game and himself, cementing his place not just in cricket, but in the hearts of millions.


Along with this, is content that revolves around a Platinum style statement & what it means.


Speaking on the association and the new campaign series, Sujala Martis, Director - Consumer Marketing, Platinum Guild International – India said, "Capitalizing on the upcoming cricket season and the festive spirit, we've launched a new campaign for Men of Platinum with cricket star Suryakumar Yadav. Our goal is to blend the thrill of cricket and values of the brand, emphasizing the rare traits that define real men of character and precious platinum. Today platinum jewellery is seen as a modern success symbol, representing men with success stories that stand on values that are rare & tough to abide by. Perfectly embodying these traits, Suryakumar Yadav is the shining star of our campaign.”


Released right in time for the cricket and festive season, the Men of Platinum campaign with Suryakumar Yadav will also be supported by a robust outreach across Television, Print, Digital, Social and PR. The new Men of Platinum collection is available across leading jewellery retail stores in India.


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