Kolkata: Mondays are hard, but Tuesdays are better, all because of the observance of “Taco Tuesday.” Taco Bell’s most iconic, classic menu item that led to its widespread success - the Crunchy Taco - is set on making a name for itself globally. The classic and craveable menu item is one of the brand’s consistently represented food items on Taco Bell menu boards around the world. Now, Taco Bell spreading awareness of the “Taco Tuesday” ritual that is celebrated in the U.S. to the world, with the help of global icon LeBron James.


“We're thrilled to help introduce the cultural phenomenon of Taco Tuesday, giving fans around world the opportunity to come together and celebrate the best day of the week in their own unique way,” says Taco Bell’s Chief Global Brand & Strategy Officer, Sean Tresvant. “LeBron James has been a passionate ‘Taco Tuesday’ fan, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have his support in rallying even more taco lovers around the globe.”


The four-time champion, MVP and, most importantly, longtime “Taco Tuesday” enthusiast is committed to spreading the word about Taco Tuesday far and wide, so everyone can celebrate the best day of the week.


“‘Taco Tuesday’ is a tradition that everyone should be able to celebrate. All restaurants, all families, all businesses – everybody,” says LeBron James. “‘Taco Tuesdays’ create opportunities that bring people together in so many ways. It’s a celebration for everyone.”


Driving brand love, Taco Bell India Brand Ambassador and youth-icon, Hardik Pandya will also continue to celebrate and spread excitement around the ultimate day of the week.


In India, Taco Bell will be rejoicing in the delight of Taco Tuesday with a super exciting offer. To celebrate, fans can expect to avail any two tacos, crunchy or soft, at just INR 129 on Tuesdays, starting July 4th, 2023. The offer will be available across all Taco Bell restaurants and on delivery through app and aggregators.


The Crunchy Taco has earned its fame as a crowd favorite. Experience the irresistible allure of Taco Bell's renowned Crunchy Taco, available in two delectable variants: veg and non-veg. Our veg variant is meticulously crafted with pinto beans and accompanied by our zesty ranch sauce. Meanwhile, our non-veg variant boasts the mouthwatering allure of Mexican chicken, perfectly complemented by the same tantalizing zesty ranch sauce. Whether you choose our famous vegetarian Taco or indulge in the savory delights of our non-vegetarian offering, Taco Bell invites you to embrace the unparalleled crunch and undeniable deliciousness that our Tacos are celebrated for. So let go of those Monday blues because when Tuesday arrives, it's Taco Tuesday—a perfect day to savor the unmatched joy and flavors of our Crunchy Tacos.


Gaurav Burman, Director, Burman Hospitality Private Limited, Taco Bell’s exclusive franchise partner in India, said, “Taco Bell India is delighted to bring the ‘Taco Tuesday,’ celebrations to India. We are offering our customers, new and old, dine in, take out, and delivery; the extraordinary opportunity to purchase two crunchy or soft tacos of their choice for RS. 129, and incredible saving of upto Rs. 89. Taco Bell India has been offering our customers the most innovative and delicious quick service food in India and we are proud to be partnering with Taco Bell’s brand ambassadors LeBron James and Hardik Pandya to make Taco Tuesday our customers favourite day of the year.”


We’re elated to invite Taco Bell fans in India to join us in celebrating a mini holiday in its own right: Taco Tuesday. Favourite day of the week now includes much more fanfare as more than 20 countries and markets around the globe invite Taco Tuesday celebrations with Taco Bell to become an experience of their own - whether that’s enjoying in-restaurant or ordering in, at home.”

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