‘Less is More!’ – A Skincare Mantra by Kiara Advani


Kolkata : In the quest to obtain ‘picture-perfect’ skin, we often find ourselves mindlessly layering up on products. Maintaining a skincare routine is tough, especially with a hectic work schedule and travel. In a rush to achieve Insta-worthy skin like our favourite celebrities, we are left wondering if we can get any credible advice that will be useful. However, some celebrities follow a minimalistic skincare routine and use basic products which are affordable. Newlywed Kiara Advani’s dream wedding set out new beauty standards for ladies to obtain glowing and naturally radiant skin.


Since her wedding, beauty enthusiasts are admiring Kiara’s flawless skin and minimalistic look proving that ‘Less is More!’ Having said that, Kiara Advani has always been an advocate for homemade DIY solutions and simple natural products which suit your skin. Every skincare regime doesn’t have to be an impassable labyrinth, it can be simplified to make it more manageable and consistent. Here’s a step-by-step guide for simplifying your life, approved by none other than the, Kiara Advani, Brand Ambassador, ITC Charmis:


1) Get Organized - To begin with, make a list of skincare problems you have. For example, if you have acne, pigmentation, dark spots, or just plain dry skin, it’s important to understand your skin and how it behaves. A simple and minimalistic skincare routine is believed to be an imperative way to achieve a spotless glow.


2) Know your skin type - It is very important to understand your skin type to invest in the right product. How do you determine that? Very simple, just notice how your skin feels right when you wake up. If you have oily skin, it is recommended to stick to light hydrating products which are non-sticky like serums. People with acne-prone skin are recommended to use products with Salicylic Acid. For dry skin concerns, Hyaluronic Acid will save the day!


3) Choose a Hero Product - Get rid of products that only serve one purpose. Instead, invest in all-rounders - for example, replace moisturizer with a serum. A face serum always does its marvel. Serums are water-based, easily absorbed, and do not leave your face oily Hence, you can always use them depending on your skincare requirements. It ensures the delivery of active ingredients to your skin, making it look firm yet plumping and uplifting your face at any given point.


4) Define a Budget - It's critical to manage your spending and set financial restrictions to ensure that other essential aspects of your lifestyle don't suffer because you're spending too much on skincare. The availability of benefit-driven products at affordable price points helps us discover the skincare essentials we need to look out for in a set budget.


5) Stay Positive & Hydrated - Whoever stated that beauty is only skin deep was referring to staying connected with our intrinsic goodness and richness of character. Nourishing your skin with not only skincare products but keeping your skin hydrated is also a precondition. Ensuring proper hydration levels will bring balance to your skin and will help maintain acne-free skin, combat dryness and lead to tighter skin.


Commenting on her less is more look, Kiara Advani says: “I prefer to look for products with Vitamin C in it - a super ingredient to remove your spots, dullness, and any uneven skin tone. My personal hero product during shoots is Charmis Deep Radiance Face Serum. It goes 15 layers deep into the skin with its potent ingredients of Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Salicylic Acid, which hydrates your skin and removes dullness or darkspots. It is super lightweight, non-sticky and do use it regularly and in between shoots as well. I believe while it’s important to take care of what we put on our skin, it’s equally important to feed our minds with the right ingredients. Embrace your inner beauty and let it radiate!”


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