Tips to keep your kitchen spick and span for Young Professionals on the go!

 Kolkata : Today, young professionals work longer shifts and spend most of their time meeting the strict deadlines. This rigorous work leaves them with little time to manage their homes or even the kitchen. The weekends, which are the most anticipated time of the week, fly by quickly with cleaning and upkeep of the house, particularly the kitchen. This is just one example of many where today's youth, caught up in their professional and personal lives, often look over cleaning solely because they feel it’s another monotonous chore for them to complete.


To get rid of the hassle of cleaning and cooking for long hours, people often end up ordering from outside which leads to numerous issues such as food poisoning, food waste, and cross-contamination. Not cleaning kitchens for long can also make it unhygienic and oily and create more risks of catching fire. Hence, people nowadays are always in the lookout for quick and easy solutions to keep their kitchen clean and germ free.


Sumeeth, an accountant based in Bangalore, says, “It is challenging to find time to clean your house or kitchen as a working professional. Even though it is necessary and essential, I barely have time and patience to do the dishes on time. For last few months, I have been using ITC's Nimeasy, which features enzyme technology that helps remove germs and bacteria while also removing stains and grease from filthy utensils. The best part about is that it does not take a lot of time and it is very easy to use. This ensures that I don’t spend much time in the kitchen and keep it clean too.”


Here are a few expert tips on how to keep your kitchen spick and span without sacrificing your weekend.


1. Keeping things simple: It is no secret that youngsters of today seldom stay in one place for more than two or three years as they bounce from job to job. At this point, it is critical to own and utilise just those things that are absolutely necessary, rather than wasting money on products that will be used only sometimes. Taking items out just when necessary, rather than piling them up on the kitchen counter, also helps to achieve the goal.


2. Organize your shelves and counters: Having a well-organized kitchen is essential for appearing prim and proper. Arranging all utensils and appliances inside shelves and drawers, as well as using wall hangers and hooks, will help to generate extra room while also keeping the kitchen tidy. It will help keep things from getting dusty and keep the cooking area neat and tidy.


3. Start with a clean kitchen and Clean as you go: Procrastination has been and will continue to be a blight on human conscience. Never allow that to take precedence over your desire to keep your kitchen spotless. Always begin the day by wiping off the surface and cleaning the kitchen before you start to use it. It will be great if the space is already tidy from the day before, as you can start your day fresh.


4. Easy cleaning while you wait: Dishwashing and cleaning the sink have traditionally been associated with the least pleasant duties performed in the kitchen. We're all aware that Indian cooking creates a thick layer of food scum on the bottom of pots and pressure cookers. The time required to brush these off often discourages people at the end of an already exhausting day. Use a 100% natural dish wash like Nimeasy to remove any tough stains. No arduous scrubbing is required!


5. Wipe up spills immediately: When one is busy cooking, a wiping cloth or paper towel works wonderfully to quickly clean spills away before they dry or create a sticky mess. It prevents frequent cleaning of surfaces to remove crusted gunk and also maintains a clean work environment, thereby improving one's experience in the kitchen.


6. Maintaining different trash bags for easier disposal: The benefits of trash separation are already widely known and practised in many households. Using a similar strategy in the kitchen will also greatly solve problems. Disposing of all crumbs and food waste instead of leaving them on the counter will make things easier later on. Directly peeling it into the bag will also save time.


A few tips here and there may make life so much easier and more enjoyable. Enjoy an exciting weekend and enjoy to your heart's content, knowing that your kitchen is clean.

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