“Prem er diney Prem er Gaan organised by Sahaj Path Group

Kolkata : Sahaj Path group organised “Prem er diney Prem er Gaan ” on their YouTube channel which aired recently from their official fb page .The festival of love was celebrated with songs, poems and narration . The beautiful  love stories all around the world was also narrated in a musical way with poetry deluged. The whole program was organized and planned by Nilanjan Ghosh,  where  Dr. Utsav Das and Aruna participated in the singing and Satyajit Biswas was in the recital. Eminent you poet and Elocutionist Amrita Sarkar was conducting the program and recitation from USA so she was into the concert at US time .  Dr. Utsav Das, a doctor by profession, sang Rabindranath songs 'Katbar Bhebechinu', 'Ami Tomar Sath' and golden age song 'Hayto Tomari Naya'.

Aruna Pradhan Ganguly sang Rabindranath Tagore's song 'Divas Rajni Ami Kain', modern song 'Jani A Bhul' and film song 'Yat Bhavna Khila'. Satyajit Biswas recited 4 different poems - Prem,Tathapi, Chumbon and Jaabi Say.

Amrita Sarkar recited Rabindranath Tagore's 'Sahayatri', Poornendu Patri's 'Sei Ghata' and Sunil Gangopadhyay's poem 'Janma Hayna Mruthi Hayna'. Such delightful day with memories and songs and poetry will be remembered always . And we thing Music with poetry always rule hearts of Bengalis in India and international .

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