Kaushik Events organised Bhalobashar Morshum

Kolkata: Remember in the 70s or 80s or earlier, letters were the main bridge to communicate with a lover or lover. Love was still present at that time. The only difference is technology. But to return that moment as a gift on the day of love, Kaushik Events took a great initiative.

Valentine's Day has just passed around the world. As a result, the city of joy is not far behind, there was a very festive mood in different parts. A program titled "Bhalobashar Morshum" presented a different day of love. The main attraction of the program was the recitation of love letters as well as Bengali song chats for every lover-lover couple and also enjoyed a very happy moment. Attend this event

Singers were Gaurav Sarkar, Sujoy Bhowmik, Ark Mishra, Indrajit De Indra, Abhishek Natya, Jyoti Sharma, Raktim, Joy Sarkar, Kabitar Raja, Somdatta Banerjee, Annie Ahmed, Mahul Chakraborty, Isha Rajvanshi, Shrimoi Roy Chowdhury, Navnita Pal Chowdhury, Tanmoy Chakraborty. , Anind, Piyali Pal and many more. This golden moment was held at a cafe in South Kolkata on an evening of love.

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