Karkinos Healthcare launches its first Hospital ‘Karkinos Medella Cancer Centre’ in Kolkata

Kolkata: Reiterating its commitment towards bringing a meaningful change in the lives of cancer patients, leading technology-led oncology platform Karkinos Healthcare has expanded its footprint by opening Karkinos Medella Cancer Centre, its first Cancer Care Hospital in Kolkata on the occasion of World Cancer Day.

Karkinos Medella Cancer Centre is comprehensive cancer hospital with all facilities under one roof like radiation oncology (Halcyon- Radiation machine), medical oncology and surgical oncology. It is a 50 bedded hospital with fully equipped ICU and OT for handling complicated cancer surgeries backed with an in-house team of experienced Onco-pathologists, technologists, international board of advisors and in order to deliver better diagnostic outcomes and insights to Oncologists across the country and improve the plan of care and quality of life for cancer patients with “Precision medicine being the future of oncology this partnership will enable Karkinos to provide high quality advanced cancer care diagnostic services at affordable prices for all cancer patients.” The hospital is located in the immediate outskirts of Kolkata and is well connected by road ways.

Karkinos Healthcare has 4 state-of-the-art laboratories located at Cochin, Navi Mumbai, IIT Madras and IIT Guwahati providing a wide range of Oncology related diagnostic tests consisting of: Histopathology, Immunohistochemistry, Molecular Diagnostics, Next Generation Sequencing and Flow Cytometry & FISH

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Akther Jawade (Director East- Karkinos Healthcare India) said, “We are happy to set up our Hospital in Kolkata. With technology-driven world-class facilities and team of best doctors, the hospital will help thousands of patients to get the best and affordable cancer treatment. According to the National Cancer Registry Programme, in India, more than 1300 people die every day due to cancer. It is proliferating at an alarmingly rate in India. So, today, on World Cancer Day, we want to bring to light the pressing challenge of cancer incidence and mortality amongst Indians and how to beat this. We at Karkinos Healthcare plan to address these problems with an end-to-end technology platform which coordinates cancer care continuum; medical centre for treatment of complex cancers; and research centre which leverages technologies such as genomics, synthetic biology, sensors, and AI to analyse data and leading to the development of affordable cancer interventions across the country. Our fundamental principle is democratization of cancer care in a participatory fashion with existing health providers, researchers and technologists.”

“Cancer is a curable, if detected early. However, there are individuals across India who at the time of diagnosis already are at an advanced stage of cancer..This is primarily due to lack of access to reliable information and quality cancer care. The lack of awareness around cancer and limited availability of quality treatment options, contribute to high motility rate of cancer, which further aggravates the fear and taboo associated with cancer. Taking cancer care to the people and integrate cancer care with rest of health system will have a positive impact in cancer outcome. With the launch of Medella-Karkinos Oncology Institute in Kolkata’s Agarpara, we envision transforming the onco-care ecosystem in the region and beyond,” says Dr Moni Abraham Kuriakose - Co-Founder, Medical Director and CEO, Karkinos Kerala.

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