Fruit and vegetables: Are we eating them the wrong way?

Kolkata : Winter evenings are meant for enjoying a steaming hot bowl of stew while sitting inside your cosy blanket. The season is well known for its finger-licking dishes made with seasonal vegetables. The perfect example is Gajar ka halwa, which is made aplenty during winter. From radishes to green peas, there are several seasonal veggies you can experiment with during winter.

While fruits and vegetables benefit your health, do you know that consuming these farm produce along with peels can be even more nutritious? We often discard the peels of veggies in an attempt to reduce our exposure to pesticides and dirt. However, it is important to know that peels are packed with essential nutrients. For instance, a raw apple with skin contains up to 142% more vitamin A and up to 31% of the total amount of fibre in a vegetable can be found in its skin. Carrot peel also contains niacin, also known as vitamin B3. It is an essential multivitamin that helps in keeping your heart, nervous system, digestive system and skin healthy.


Food consultant and Chef Nittin Mohan says, "The beauty of Indian cuisine lies in our seasonal usage of fruits and vegetables. Peels of these farm produce are rich in several nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants. Therefore, I recommend using unpeeled fruits and veggies during cooking. However, one must thoroughly clean them to avoid the risk of pesticide poisoning. For best results, I recommend using ITC Nimwash. Nimwash is a 100 percent natural-action vegetable and fruit wash that removes pesticides and 99.9% germs with its natural cleansing properties."


Unpeeled fruits and vegetables contain higher levels of fibre, minerals, vitamins and other beneficial plant compounds as compared to peeled produce. Clinical Dietician and Obesity management expert, owner of, Sonia Sinha reveals, "Potato skin contains B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium and other nutrients. Consuming Apples with its skin aids digestive issues as it contains pectin, one of the richest sources of fibre. Eating cucumber with its skin also keeps your bones healthy as it is rich in Vitamin K."


Aditi Sinha, a mother of a week-old baby girl, said, "During my pregnancy, my doctor also suggested that eating fruits and vegetables unpeeled can significantly increase nutrient intake in the body. However, one must thoroughly clean unpeeled fruits and vegetables to avoid the risk of pesticide poisoning. For best results, I use ITC Nimwash. Being powered by neem, it naturally removes all the harmful chemicals from fruits and vegetables, making it safe for our consumption."


While Christmas and New Year are around the corner, it is time to indulge in special treats and joy. However, do not forget to keep a watch on your overall health and well-being. This New Year, make a resolution to have unpeeled fruits and vegetables to ensure that your body receives sufficient nutrients everyday.

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