Kolkata's first Green Marriage Ceremony

  Kolkata: The wedding reception ceremony of Sumalya and Aditi gifted the city probably the first of its kind, an eco-friendly sustainable Celebration. Unlike any big fat indian wedding, the ceremony, celebrated at the century old Sovabazar rajbari premises, had nothing made of single use plastic to offer. Reuseable plate, glass, cups, cutleries were used. Gifts in plastic wraps, flower bouquets were humbly prohibited, instead scope of donating gift value to designated organization Eagro Takay Daktarbabu were kept open for guests through cash or QR scanning. Organic, bio degradable  resedues were sorted and were sent to KMC compost plants to ensure zero waste. Surplus food were distributed to the needy footpath dwellers.

Surprisingly during the most hectic hours of the ceremony few uninvited guests were identified enjoying the food. They were made to pay for it and the amount was deposited at the Eagrotakay Daktarbabus account. "With a little bit of planning and thought like Sumalya, it's possible to have an epic celebration while minimising your impact on the environment" said Sujoy Roy founder of Eagrotakay Daktarbabu. He also added one major decision the Aditi and Soumalya made was to ban single-use plastics. Instead, they rented items or used what was on the property. They also chose to forgo any kind of plastic at all.

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