Kolkata : A 13-member all-women pacers team in the 10K race will be the main attraction among the amateur runners in the forthcoming Tata Steel Kolkata 25K scheduled to take place on December 18th. A pace-setter is a runner who is a veteran of many races and knows the art of pace-setting. A pacer is a committed runner who is able to set a steady pace throughout the distance and who leads a group of runners from the start to the finish at the predetermined time. The group following a pace-setter is

 called a ‘Bus’. The pacer must finish just a few minutes before the promised time. So, if you have joined the sub 2:30 bus, the pacesetter will lead you through the finish line somewhere between 2:25 and 2:29 hours, and not by 2:15 hours or 2:32 hours. Jhilum Sarkar, mother of a son and a daughter, who will be running in the 10K race is optimistic of a good outing in the upcoming race. “I am a yoga teacher by profession and running is my passion.I have participated in three full marathons, 15 half marathons and many 10k runs. I wish to keep running as long as I can because running not only keeps me healthy physically but also emotionally," the 46-year-old Jhilum said. Vibha Kejriwal, an entrepreneur, yoga and sports enthusiast, is aiming high for the race. The 53-year-old ran her first

 Marathon in Mumbai and just last year she did her first ultra run- the 50k Border Hell run in Jaisalmer. Sonal Paul, a mother of triplets and a homemaker, will aim to finish the race on a high. "My journey into fitness and running started in 2017. Running has transformed me both physically and mentally. I believe you can achieve anything if you set your mind on it and work hard for it. Now I have come to pace you to a 60-minute finish for your 10K," Sonal said.

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