Indo - Bangladesh join initiative, composing New Music Album

Kolkata : In Bengali songs, the combination of India and Bangladesh is not new. The two artists of Bengal met once again along that bridge. Lyricist and Composer from India And two artists are from Bangladesh. A complete album of 12 songs is in the making. Rishi Chattopadhyay composed the song and lyricist composed by Utpal Das. Sung by Bangladesh artist-couple SM Khaled and Ruma Khaled. In a conversation about the background of making this song while recording in a studio in South Kolkata, Rishi said, these songs are coming in a different way from the kind of Bengali songs that are being made lately. As the romantic songs of the eighties have a touch, so do the ups and downs of contemporary life. Two Bengali films have also been captured in tone and words. Lyricist Uppal Das said, the words of modern times have come up in the lyrics. This is the first work of the artist duo from across Bengal in association with Kolkata. They said with joy that the bond between the cultures of the two Bengals is strengthened through such work. This cultural convergence and exchange is very important to artists.

This new album of 12 Bengali songs will be released from Rishi Chattopadhyay's official YouTube channel. The youngest generation of the legendary artist Ramkumar Chattopadhyay's family, Rishi has already made his mark on Bengali music as a composer. Many emerging and popular artists have sung new songs in his tunes. This time, 12 new Bengali songs in Rishi's tune are coming up in the voice of Bangladeshi artists.

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