4 ways to reduce the harmful effects of pesticides in day-to-day life

  Kolkata : The luscious red apple at the grocery store may look very inviting, but chances are that there is a film of pesticide on it. Today, pesticides are used to reduce and control the damage of pests like insects, weeds and bacteria. However, the extensive use of pesticides can make us prone to serious health hazards.


Pesticides, if ingested, are known to cause problems such as endocrine system disruption, respiratory and reproductive issues, neurological disorders and increased risk of cancer. Individuals who are suffering from asthma or any such chronic illness should be more conscious about pesticide exposure.


Though buying pesticide free produce may not be easy, ensuring that the food that we finally consume is pesticide free is easy and in our hands.


To reduce the harmful effect of pesticides, here are a couple of measures that you can follow:


Consume seasonally grown fruits and vegetables from local markets: Always purchase in-season produce from your local market. Using organic fruits and vegetables is the best assurance of protecting your family from the effects of pesticide.


Clean fruits and vegetables thoroughly: Rinsing your fruits and vegetables under running water isn’t enough. Mom-to-be Toshi Gupta who successfully runs a homestay in Himachal Pradesh says, “Making smart choices and practising proper food preparation can minimize the risks of pesticide poisoning. For best results, you can use ITC Nimwash. Nimwash is a vegetable and fruit wash, with 100 percent natural action that ensures washing away of pesticides and 99.9 percent germs with its natural cleansing properties.”


Make wise choices: Some fruits and vegetables may need more pesticide for a healthy crop e.g Strawberries, spinach, apples, grapes, tomatoes and potatoes contain high levels of pesticide residues whereas mangoes, kiwifruit, beetroot, carrot, broccoli, eggplant, cauliflower and eggplant are comparatively safer to consume. Whatever you choose, make sure you clean them in a vegetable & fruit wash before consuming


Properly cook your vegetables: After washing your vegetables in running water, make sure to boil and cook them at high temperatures. This is an effective way to get rid of pesticides residues and other impurities. Warm and wet conditions pace up the process of pesticide breakdown.

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